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We are led by Aria Norman and other occasional guest teachers as we learn how to co-exist with 6th senses and beyond. We will focus on an everyday, rational, down to earth, inner/outer personal relationship with psychic ability, empathic ability, super-sensitivity, and basic spirit mediumship. We will look at our topic as though it is self-management. We definitely will learn how to do some readings, and learn to connect (or manage over-connection) with multiple formats of 6th senses. Each class will be both spontaneous and repetitive. Classes will be spontaneous because we will have each class agenda introduced mostly by Aria's non-physical teaching group. (Non-physical is another way of saying guides, however they prefer "teaching group".) Classes will be repetitive because boundaries and personal space need to be repetitively established or re-checked. Grounding will also be a constant component of these Meetups. Spirituality of all kinds will be tolerated but not emphasized nor encouraged because this Meetup class is not about spirituality per se. We will only briefly and technically include spirituality. To further explain this, we will agree to a basic idea that we might be spiritual beings having a human experience. However, know that though we will definitely touch on spirituality all the time, this class is not about adhering to a set of beliefs. We definitely will discuss and work with beliefs simply as mechanical tools. This class Meetup description hopefully has explained the first word of the title of this group, 'rational'.

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