What we're about

Bored at home? Nothing to do, nowhere to go?

Ravens Duet is a interactive collaborative scavenger hunt. We make challenges for neighbors we haven't met yet, and enjoy the adventure all over the city. Let's connect our community with fun and make our city worth exploring. Together we can do it.

Ravens Duet Mobile App for Android and IOS is coming out soon. Android Play Store = September 25th 2020. Apple App Store = October 2nd 2020.

- Download the app.

- Grab a quarantine family or friend.

- Go for a walk.

- Add fun challenges to your neighborhood.

- Invite friends to enjoy the wonders you've made.

Ravens Duet mobile app is free to download and play (Ad supported). Our privacy policy focuses on keeping your information private. All photos and videos you submit are automatically private for your profile. Making them public is your choice. Any uploaded challenges go through an approval process and our admin team will filter anything inappropriate from reaching the virtual scavenger hunt world.

Past events (2)

National Scavenger Hunt Day Adventure Pickup

Lincoln Park

Lincoln Loop NE Adventure

Lincoln Park

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