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make 3 calls to get GMOs Labeled in IL TODAY

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just 3 simple calls to get GMOs labeled in IL, do it, now!

Call Linda Holmes, of Aurora, at 1-877-796-1948

Call Sam McCann, of Jacksonville, at 1-877-252-4545
Call Michael Frerichs, of Champaign, at 1-866-739-8818

Tell them "Co-sponsor/Support SB 1666, the GMO labeling bill that defends my right to know and small farmers' right to grow!"

Make a call to DEMAND TRANSPARENCY in our food system. Let's raise a ruckus for the IL Food Labeling Subcommittee. Their task is to collect information and make recommendations to the Senate about how to vote. Right now, this subcommittee is leaning against labeling GE foods!

These Senators from Champaign, Aurora, and Jacksonville will help decide whether GE labeling becomes the law in Illinois! That's why we're taking our message directly to their offices. Know anyone in those areas? Be sure they make a call!

See link on Facebook: Tell the IL Senate Agriculture Committee we need genetically engineered food LABELED!

If we flood their phone lines, they'll have no choice but to listen. Today, we'll show them we are informed consumers who demand to decide for ourselves about what to eat!

Subcommittee members need to know where you stand on GE labeling NOW, before the next hearing on August 7th, in Carbondale.



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