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Meet other people who are interested in the benefits of eating a raw vegan diet.

Come to a local Raw Food Meetup event to have fun, share raw food meals, and discuss the raw vegan diet and health issues. We hold pot lucks, meet at restaurants and host speakers.

Our membership is free and many of our events are free.

Anyone interested in the raw/living food diet and lifestyle is welcome!

We don't judge where you are right now with your diet and lifestyle and welcome anyone who would like to learn more about using plant-based nutrition for health and well-being!

The Las Vegas Raw Food Meetup was founded by Daryl Elliott in June 2008 and is now co-run with Ina Mohan.

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Farmers' Markets, Vegan Restaurants, Education, How to Go Vegan -Listings

Hello, Here are our pages of resources for your convenience. Farmers' Markets This is the most complete listing of active farmers' markets in the Las Vegas valley. http://www.meetup.com/RawLasVegas/pages/FarmersMarkets/ Vegan Restaurants We now have a wide selection of vegan restaurants in town. This listing includes new restaurants about to open, and traveling vegan. http://www.meetup.com/RawLasVegas/pages/Vegan_Restaurants/ Educational Videos We list over a dozen videos of lectures and presentations by MDs, and PhDs, plus documentaries, and feature length films. Get educated for free. http://www.meetup.com/RawLasVegas/pages/Vids/ How to Go Vegan There are over 50,000 "How to Go Vegan" videos on YouTube, over 100,000 "Vegan Recipes" there, plus 15,000 "Vegan Kitchen" videos, 50,000 "Vegan Pizza" videos, and 20,000 "Vegan Desserts" videos. Get all these links, and more on this page. www.meetup.com/RawLasVegas/pages/HowToGoVegan Happy Trails, The Las Vegas Raw Food meetup team

Vegan Brunch at Bronze Cafe


Our next vegan brunch will be at Bronze Cafe! The Summerlin location of Bronze Cafe offers patio and indoor seating and offers a delightful array of health-forward sandwiches, salad, soups and desserts! See more here: https://www.bronzecafe.com/ Gather with friends to share positive ideas and news, strengthen our community, and support our vegan-friendly local eateries! PLEASE NOTE: We will follow all the indicated pandemic safety measures like separating our group into multiple tables and wearing face coverings to enter and move about the premises - thanks in advance for your kind cooperation! I look forward to seeing you there! Your host Ina Mohan Founder & President of Health, Healing & Happiness LLC

Join Us for Our Next Vegan Dining Around Town

Location to be Announced

WELCOME TO OUR NEXT VEGAN DINING AROUND TOWN! Please note that we are moving this event to the SECOND WEDNESDAY of every month! We will continue to rotate through the vegan eateries in greater Las Vegas and include new additions as much as time-honored establishments in this event. WHAT CAN YOU EXPECT? *Fabulous vegan food and drinks at participating plant-based restaurants *Your opportunity to discover exciting new places and foods *Make new acquaintances and meet good friends *Have a fun social outing with like-minded people *Something nice to look forward to every month! IMPORTANT TO KNOW: The bills will be set up separately per person so you will only have to pay for what you order. Please RSVP so that we can give a proper headcount to the restaurant for our group. MORE ABOUT THIS RECURRING EVENT We currently have 30+ vegan restaurants and bakeries in Las Vegas, so every month we will hold this social gathering at a different location and rotate around town, so that you can discover and enjoy the full spectrum of the fast-growing vegan dining scene in Las Vegas! This is the full Las Vegas vegan restaurant list. https://www.meetup.com/RawLasVegas/pages/19731957/Vegan_Restaurants/ To make it easy to remember, we will now meet every SECOND Wednesday of the month from 6-8 pm PST, so mark your calendars right now and watch for the updates on the next exciting dining location on meetup!

ONLINE LEARNING Weekend: lectures, documentaries & films about health & animals.

No location. Wherever you and your computer are located.

Please consider watching one or more educational videos this weekend online. We have compiled a list of movies for our members. Please bookmark the page and share with friends. Please feel free to post any comments below about the movies you have watched. All of the video links are here. You will find 12 categories of videos: 1. The Science of Plant-based Nutrition 2. Environmental Impact of Animal Agriculture 3. Ocean Impact of Eating Fishes 4. Overview Videos 5. Ethics - Aligning our Behavior with Our Values 6. Story and Experience Videos 7. Social and Psychological Considerations 8. Raw Foods 9. Humans are Herbivores 10. Other Health Topics 11. Plant-based Doctors List and Map 12. Searchable Science-based Nutrition Website www.VeganVids.com (http://www.meetup.com/RawLasVegas/pages/Vids/) Learn about how to live vegan. Note that the decision to live vegan is comprised of two parts: first is the decision to live vegan, which can be made during any minute of any day including today, and second is the action required, which will take a bit of time to learn. This site will help with how to live vegan. www.HowToStartVegan.com Learn why vegans don't eat honey: www.WhyVegansDontEatHoney.com Learn about nonviolent activism in progressive social change movements: www.NonviolentActivism.com Please consider watching some or all of the videos in this list, and visiting these other informational websites. These videos provide an excellent education for anyone willing to invest the time to learn. Leave any comments you like after watching any videos. Enjoy.

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