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Welcome to Ray of Life Marriage and Spiritual Empowerment. This group was created as an extension of my coaching business for my clients who decide to work with me. It is open to the public for anyone needing support for their marriage or their life as a way to see if they want to work with me even further. These trainings include love and spirituality and how they go hand in hand. My ideal members are people who are married who wants to learn about marriage and all the tools needed to have a successful marriage; and how our past emotions can and will affect us in our present relationships. Other ideal members are people who are seeking spiritual and self development through spiritual practice.

What makes a marriage successful is our ability to take care of ourselves and to not worry about things that are out of our control. More times than not one partner tries to control the other trying to change them, this process can make both partners spiritually frustrated. However some times other areas of life can take a toll on a marriage, which is why having a balanced lifestyle is so important. Spirituality is also an important part of marriage, the ability to believe in a creator or practicing religion is very personal and because we are now living in a time of inner cultural society we will have to learn how to respect the other one's views and their culture/religion.

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