What we're about

We're a group of gamers interested in RPGs in the style of the classic D&D editions of the 70s and early 80s.

Currently we're delving into the highly-acclaimed module "Barrowmaze" using Basic Fantasy RPG rules, inspired heavily by, and compatible with, the B/X edition of D&D. We're a relaxed and family-friendly group, meeting roughly biweekly.

As an open table game, players are welcome to come just once or as often as you'd like, with no pressure to master the system or follow an ongoing story - though story there is one for those who'd like to come more frequently.

We have plenty of game books at the table and welcome all mature players as well as accompanied younger gamers.

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Old School D&D Open Table at Pop Culture

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What it is:
This is session 65 of our Open Table delve into the Barrowmaze.

About the game:
Barrowmaze is a modern old school dungeon filled with danger and treasure. There's an emerging story to discover, but plenty of fun to be had if you'd prefer to show up, grab a character sheet, kick in the door and try to make it out with fortune and glory.

The game rules:
We are using a freely available rule set that will be immediately familiar to anyone who has played Basic / Expert D&D, or AD&D, and is easily approachable with nothing but a desire to learn for those new to fantasy RPGs. See the links to the Basic Fantasy RPG rules in the message board if you'd like to read up beforehand, and feel free to come and grab a book at the table even if you haven't (we have plenty of copies to go around).

What to bring:
You need bring nothing but a set of dice (we have some if you forget) and a desire to have a fun night, whether you play once or every time. There's a Subway next door and more food nearby also if you're coming from work and need to bring something to eat at the table.

Art: Cory Hamel from Barrowmaze Complete

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Old School D&D Open Table at Pop Culture

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