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Rays of Healing is a Metaphysical Church

The purpose of this Meet-Up group is to reach out to the community to invite you to come visit us.

The Rays of Healing Church was established by Wanda Lassater-Lundy who envisioned a weekly Service To Spirit to provide a community for healers, and those who are interested in learning about healing. We provide:

* Classes, education and experiential learning in healing modalities, enhancing intuition, and metaphysics.
* Healing energy to our members and all others
* Healing energy to those who would not routinely seek healing energy or who can not afford to see a practitioner. We have a monthly healing practice for healers and those who wish to have a healing.
* Opportunities for spiritual growth and development

We meet at 7:30pm EST on Monday evenings (except holidays and emergency weather cancellations) at:

The Intuitive Wellness Center
8996 Burke Lake Rd
Suite L106
Burke, VA 22015

For more information, please visit our website at http://raysofhealingchurch.org
where you can find more information about:

- A more detailed description of the Rays of Healing Church
- Information about the other branches of the Rays of Healing Church
- Contact Information
- The bylaws, constitution and history of the church

Upcoming events (5)

Sound Meditation with Metal Bowls, Chimes, and Flutes - with Dante Baker

Dante will lead participants into a comfortable and receptive state to support deep relaxation using sound healing instruments. Once the sounds bath begins, allow the vibrations to soothe the mind, clear any blockages within the body and guide you into the present moment. Discover the powerful and healing effects of singing bowls, and experience sounds that will re-harmonize the entire body.

Dante Baker is a holistic spirit, mind, and body practitioner who holds certifications in various modalities such as Yoga, Qigong, Detoxification, Human Design, Tarot Card, Reiki, Personal Training, and Massage Therapy. All of these certifications make Dante skilled at supporting people with their journey towards optimal health. Dante has the ability to listen and share the knowledge that will inspire a deep transformational process.


>>> Because we are paying this speaker to share their wisdom and knowledge with us, we suggest a $25 donation for this event. However, we greatly appreciate any amount you can donate to help us continue to bring spiritual and healing events to you and the world. For more information on donating, visit https://raysofhealingchurch.org/upcoming-events-for-rays-of-healing-church/monday-july-26-2021/. Thank you so much! <<<

Healing with the Collective, presented by Kristine Foulkes

In this presentation I will be discussing the different types of channeling, how certain types of channeling became apart of my healing modalities and who I work with when I do channeled healings. We will also have a Q & A session to answer any questions you may have regarding channeling and healing. I will then close out the presentation with a channeled group healing with the group of beings that I work with, who call themselves the Collective. Should anyone like to share their experience, I will reserve a few minutes at the end of the demonstration. So, sit back and relax and enjoy the healing!

I am an Intuitive Healer who left the corporate world after 11 years of climbing the corporate ladder to align myself with my soul's purpose and started my own business where I provide consulting services, workshops, guest lecturing and speaking engagements, and private and group healings and readings. I also founded the Ambassadors of Healing Foundation, which helps individuals, groups, and communities around the world transform their lives through healing, self-empowerment, mediation and conflict-resolution. I am a Minister of Healing for the Rays of Healing Church, an Usui and Lightarian Reiki Master Teacher, Animal Reiki and Communication Practitioner, Psychic Medium, Conscious Channeler, and attuned to working with Archangels, Ascended Masters, Seraphim groups, and Master ET energies. I also have my Master’s in Diplomacy with a concentration in conflict management and resolution honing in on human rights issues. I have co-created with the Universe an eGuide and Workbook titled: Self-Healing: Strategies for Going Within to help those along their self-healing journey and finding their light within. An alchemist for change coupled with my desire to make an impact through my passion of travel, I hope to find myself providing healing, empowerment and intuitive wisdom to as many people around the world as possible. I like to think that I am continuously evolving with my abilities and with the ways that I help heal others and am looking forward to what lies ahead and sharing my life and abilities with all of you!

Email: [masked]
Websites: www.kristinefoulkes.com

Mind Body Cohesion Talk & Meditation, with Rob Pritchard

Have you lost control over your own emotions?
Does your body prevent you from the ease of movement?
Have you bought your own stories and labels that you have assigned to yourself in life?
Are you just tired of always seeing yourself as a victim?
Are you having problems changing old habits?

Have you ever thought that each of us created the script of our lives we are living, an intense training model for how our bodies were meant to handle different circumstances? This extensive training that we do to ourselves over our lifetime is like going to the gym over and over again, but we are training our autonomic nervous systems within our body to respond differently to perceived “defeat”. Would you like to recreate how your body responds in your life to your feelings, thoughts, and emotions? Let’s come together for this one of a kind talk and meditation to hack our thoughts, minds and bodies to allow us the ease of change with learning more about why we are here in the first place. I have designed this course specifically to bridge some of the gaps between Tony Robbins, Dr Joe Dispenza, HeartMath, Theta healing and natural law.

This is brought to you from the creative mind of Master Healer, Hypnotist, Psychic Medium and Life Coach Rob Pritchard. This one-of-a-kind talk and advanced meditation will move you deeper into your understanding of your own personal thoughts, mind, body and emotions.

If you have ever thought: why is my body responding to this event with anxiety, fear and or even panic? In this one of a kind talk you will learn more about how our mind manufactures components in our autonomic nervous system that creates our own reality, by the programs that we have created to keep us safe. You might even be experiencing the feeling and thoughts that these programs our counter intuitive now. So, let’s break these programs down and learn how to change them with the ease of the winds of fall.

Rob Pritchard is the CEO and Owner of The Healing Frequency in Warrenton, VA. Rob works as a Professional Psychic, Spiritual Medium, Master Healer, Certified Life coach and Hypnotist. Rob went to school at Fairmont State and Marymount University where he studied Psychology he has also studied mediumship at the Arthur Findlay college in UK and has been mentored by Mavis Pittilla, Colin Bates and many more.

Rob has taught and performed internationally with Energy Healing and Psychic/Mediumship.

Rob is the President of the Warrenton Holistic Chamber of Commerce and an Elite doTERRA Wellness Advocate. Rob serves his community by providing networking opportunities for local holistic businesses and shares his time and wisdom freely through free events and classes. To learn more about Rob's work, visit:


>>> We rely on, and greatly appreciate, your donations so we can continue organizing spiritual and healing events for you and the world. For full Zoom information and to donate, visit https://raysofhealingchurch.org/upcoming-events-for-rays-of-healing-church/monday-august-9-2021/. Thank you so much! <<<

Healing Service + Presentation, with Alice "Alicja" Jones

Alice "Alicja" Jones will take Wanda Lasseter Lundy’s place for both the Healing session at 6:15pm and the lecture at 7:30pm. The topic and details will be announced soon.

Alice “Alicja” Jones is a Psychic, Mystic, Medium, and Intuitive Healer who has been giving readings since 1998. She communicates with Spirt and works with the Angels, Archangels, Ascended Masters, Metatron, Jesus, the Blessed Mother, the Divine Feminine, the Devic kingdom, the Cosmic Brotherhood of White Light, the Ashtar Command, the Council of Twelve, the Karmic Board, the Great Rays and your ancestors to bring you messages that give you clarification about relationships, health, career choices, educational decisions, and soul purpose.

Alice receives messages (as if a movie screen opens up in her mind’s eye) which many times include PAST LIVES and how they impact your current life. They can be solutions to pressing problems, guidance on the direction your life should take or a message from a loved one in spirit to comfort you.

A gifted intuitive healer, besides Reiki teaching and healing, Alice has had training in Access Consciousness, Quantum Touch, Metatronic Healing, and Matrix Energetics. She was given a specialized healing modality to share with others from Archangel Metatron, which she calls “Metatron’s Healing Method”. It is demonstrated on her website www.alicjajones.com. She helps clients release blockages which can culminate in changes that lead to a fulfilled life. Many times she works with cancer patients and victims of abuse.

As the Lead Minister of the Rays of Healing Church, Burke, VA branch, Alice is one of the founding members, on the Board of Directors, and lectures at the Church. She offers counseling and healing sessions in person and over the phone. www.raysofhealingchurch.org

Alice facilitates A Course in Miracles study at Sacred Circle in Old Town, Alexandria, www.sacredcirclebooks.com held on the 3rd Saturday of each month. A Course in Miracles is a spiritual psychotherapy study group, the foundation of her metaphysical understanding.

Born in Tomasov Lubelski, Poland, with a caul over her face, an omen of high psychic ability, her first name– Stanislawa– (the English equivalent–Stella)- translates into “Light” and her middle name –Alicja (pronounced Ah-Lee-See-Ah) from which Alice is derived - translates into “Truth,” which is what she brings to her Spiritual and Past Life readings—LIGHT AND TRUTH.

She is the author of "Own Your Power Day by Day – 365 Meditations for Clearing Emotional, Mental, and Spiritual Blockages to Becoming Your Higher Self."


>>> This event is free to attend, however, we greatly appreciate any donation you can make to help us continue to bring spiritual and healing events to you and the world. To donate, visit www.raysofhealingchurch.org/donate. Thank you so much! <<<


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