What we're about

ReBoot Accel gets women current, connected, and confident to reenter the workforce or pivot to new careers.

Who should join: We welcome all women, whether looking to reenter the workforce after pausing their careers, pivoting to new careers, starting businesses, currently working, or in discernment about "what's next."

Why should you join: It's more fun to learn together and know you're not the only one who's tech and professional skills could use a ReBoot too. We provide a safe and fun learning community. And connections to like-minded energized women, local career experts and resources, hiring employers, and job opportunities.

What can you expect: Our ReBoot Connect membership program meets in person at least twice a month. We also offer longer term courses that focus on improving your tech and job search skills, like learning how to collaborate with the Google Suite, maximize LinkedIn for your job search, and build a personal and business brand through social media.

Community: Core to our mission is the importance of connections & community. We foster a strong sense of community through our membership program and our longer term courses. Connections are one of the most important pieces of finding a job, and we want to help you with just that.

Visit us at rebootaccel.com for more information.

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