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React ATL is a monthly developer meetup to discuss trends and tools coming out of the ReactJS ecosystem. Subjects can include Flux patterns, Webpack, Jest, Flow, etc. We will also discuss how React is shaping the rest of the javascript world and how we use other tools alongside React. Each meeting will start with food, drinks, and socializing before moving into the main talk. Afterward, the floor will be open for Q and A and lightning talks from participants.

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ReactATL October - Testing React Components in The Browser with Cypress

Talk description:
Cypress is well known as an End-to-End test runner and has recently added Component Testing support, which means you can see your component in the real browser during development, and write tests as you go, using the same Cypress commands you use for E2E. In this presentation we’ll demonstrate how to mount and test React components in Cypress, talk about the difference between E2E and component tests, and share some “Do”s and “Don’t”s related to component testing to help get the most out of it in modern web apps with many layers.

Our Speaker:
Mark is a senior engineer on the Component Testing team at Cypress.io. He also works as a program developer for People Making Progress, Atlanta-based nonprofit serving adults with developmental disabilities at home, work, and in the community.

Location: Online Zoom Meeting (RSVP to see link)
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ReactATL April - Debugging React Applications

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