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React community and it's adoption is growing - dozens of meetups and over 20 conferences happen every year on this topic. It's becoming more challenging for event organizers to keep balance in talks to satisfy all levels of seniority. With more and more people mastering their React skills, we thought it's the right time to launch a more niche, advanced content focused group, and here it is!

React Advanced Meetup is a nontraditional meetup group, that challenges speakers and community members to skip entry level introductions and jump straight to deep, technical details. Engineers of any level of seniority are welcome, but it's expected that you do your "homework" first, so presenters can cover more tech details and insights within their talks.

Follow @ReactAdvanced https://twitter.com/ReactAdvanced for updates.
YouTube channel with video recordings https://youtube.com/c/ReactConferences .

Have a complex topic to share but been afraid that general meetup public is not ready? Prepare the list of materials for the audience "homework" and submit your talk https://goo.gl/forms/MwjbJCl4ToKfB1OS2 .

Have questions, or ideas how to improve the event? Email Robert - hi@reactadvanced.com

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