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React Amsterdam is a community organizing quarterly Meetups and an annual Conference on all things React https://reactsummit.com . Being the oldest ReactJS community in BeNeLux it gather Front End developers across the globe in the tech heart of Europe. With internationally recognized speakers, amazing attendee crowd and a top location.

Contact email: events@gitnation.org (please don't use meetup messenger)

Submit your talk for coming events http://goo.gl/forms/N5qGg3RuKCPycyku1

If you'd like to sponsor our events, it's is a brilliant opportunity for you to put your company name into spotlight, rally up your team or hire the best.

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## About GitNation

GitNation ( https://gitnation.org/#about ) is a foundation contributing to the development of the technological landscape by organizing events which focus on the open source software. We organize meaningful and entertaining JavaScript conferences and meetups, connecting talented engineers, researchers, and core teams of important libraries and technologies.

Besides offering single conference tickets ( https://gitnation.org/#events ), the organization also sells a GitNation Multipass providing discounted access to multiple remote JavaScript conferences and workshops ( https://portal.gitnation.org/multipass ).

Upcoming events (3)

Post-COVID celebration: Amsterdam JavaScript communities gathering [in-person]

Hey React Amsterdam, long time no see!

We are going to meet on June 1 to celebrate the post-COVID world together with Amsterdam JavaScript communities!

Come and join fellow developers. You'll get to see three fresh talks, but first and foremost, you'll get to network with the Amsterdam JavaScript communities in person.

If you'd like to be one of the speakers, make sure you submit your talk: https://goo.gl/forms/wHXTe8STgIsbGwXj2

🎫 Registration

***To attend the meetup please register via ti.to - https://ti.to/gitnation/ams-javascript-meetup-2022***

We are eager to bring you some 'back-to-normal' vibes, so feel free to bring +1 friend who is interested in joining us (just share this link so your friend could register as well).

Please do RSVP here to show your friends you’re coming.

🤝 Sponsors
Huge shout out to our main sponsor - OfferZen (www.offerzen.com)!

OfferZen is a community-first developer job marketplace that connects top developers in Africa and Europe with over 2000 companies that are looking to grow their teams. We flip the normal recruitment process on its head: companies reach out to candidates who are actively looking for new opportunities. Our mission is to help people unlock their potential by helping them build awesome software.

This event is made thanks to the support from React Summit organizers - GitNation (gitnation.org)

🕐 Event Schedule
18:30 - Doors open - snacks, beer, socialization
19:00 - Introduction and announcements
19:10 - Talks
20:30 - Mingle until 10pm

🗣️ Talks details

# Wim den HerderA bot for everything (Whatsapp and Telegram)

Let's be creative with the new Whatsapp and Telegram bot! Whatsapp just released their new API. You'll learn how to connect your bot to a Google sheet and other google API's to make a personal assistant.

# Jeroen Dijkmeijer — Typing tutor in Svelte

Being the author of an opensource typing tutor (GitHub.com/dr-jerry/sveltype) I'm going to speak about typing, tutoring and Svelte,

# Ken Voskuil — Drawing the world with a single triangle

WebGL is a powerful technology for rendering 3D graphics, but usually requires at least as much proficiency in 3D modeling tools as in code. With ray marching, a technique popular in the Demo Scene, you can construct complex 3d worlds with code and just a single triangle.

And don't forget – JSNation 2022 and React Summit 2022 are coming up on June 16&17 in a hybrid format! Attend in person and meet the developers who shape the now and the future of the prospering JavaScript nation.

👍 Code of Conduct
By registering for this event you agree to comply with our CoC https://jsnation.com/coc
📩 Contact


Needs a location

JSNation Conference is coming back in a hybrid format on June 16th and 20th, 2022.

Join us at the 2-day event celebrating the future of JavaScript, and catch up with community leaders and authors of famous projects. You'll learn best practices, share ideas, and have fun while networking. 1K+ JS developers will attend in-person in Amsterdam on the 16th, while 20K+ others will participate remotely. Then on the 20th, everyone will take part online.

Choose to attend IRL, and you'll:

  • 🥳 See the biggest JS party worldwide
  • 🎪 Access the Amsterdam venue, food & bar
  • 🏬 Have fun at Amsterdam tours with fellow attendees
  • ⛴ Travel to the conference venue on a JavaScript ferry

In-Person tickets available here.

As an In-Person pass holder, you will experience the IRL part as well as all the remote activities:

  • 🌏 Networking with engineers from all over the world
  • 💡 2x more talks from world-renowned speakers
  • 🎬 Video recordings right after the event
  • ⚙️ 10+ free remote workshops
  • 🔮 Q&As with speakers
  • 🎤 Discussion rooms

Learn about first speakers, agenda, workshops, and more at jsnation.com.


Note: RSVP to this event does not grant you access to the conference, though it's highly recommended to let the meetup community you're going.

For any other questions and/or inquiries email us at [masked]

React Summit

Needs a location

React Summit is coming home to Amsterdam in a hybrid format on June 17th and 21st, 2022.

Mark June 17, 2022, in your calendars, when we will celebrate the "back-to-normal" conference season opening we have all been waiting for!
Join us in Amsterdam, where we will kick off the biggest React & JavaScript festival ever with 60+ speakers, numerous side activities, and a massive after-party celebrating community get-togethers and sunny summer days.

What to expect
React Summit 2022 is going to be an in-person event with a remote friendly setup:

  • On the first day of the event, June 17, we will gather in-person in Amsterdam and host hybrid discussion rooms, interactive speakers QnA's and stream the talks globally across timezones;
  • Our massive after-party will include multiple activity stages, artisan food trucks, and remote interactive rooms with games and party streaming;
  • June 21 will be a remote day available to both IRL and remote full ticket holders;
  • We will also host numerous pre-events like meetups, boat rides, and city tours;
  • Short and full-day workshops for your hands-on learning

Book your ticket here.

Learn about first speakers, agenda, workshops, and more at reactsummit.com.

Note: RSVP to this event does not grant you access to the conference, though it's highly recommended to let the meetup community you're going.

For any other questions and/or inquiries email us at [masked]

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React Amsterdam Meetup 2022 [in-person]

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