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React TQ reception and mention you're there for the Meetup (we're on top floor)

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Amsterdam React community does not rest! (except few months after intensive conference sprint)

GitNation team is kicking off 2019/20 season with a summer-vibe Meetup at TQ - we'll have (at least) two speakers, a bar, pizza and a nice summer terrace to enjoy. And of course, some exclusive announcements for our favourite React people 😉

🎫 ** Registration via Eventbrite https://www.eventbrite.com/e/react-amsterdam-meetup-hook-ed-router-and-micro-frontends-at-scale-registration-65564945517 ** 🎫 (but please do RSVP to show your friends you'll be there)

🍕 This event sponsors are UpCloud (https://upcloud.com), world fastest cloud server provider and FocusReactive (https://focusreactive.com) React/Node.js software consultancy based in Amsterdam, London and remote.

🕐 Event Schedule

18:00 – Doors open: snacks, drinks, networking
19:00 – Introduction
19:10 – 🗣 "Hooks in action: implementing a 1KB React router" by Alexey Taktarov
19:40 – 🗣 "Modernizing a legacy codebase using microfrontends" by Deepak Pai
20:10 – 🗣 "The Story of CodeSandbox" by Ives van Hoorne
20:40 – Finishing beers and more networking

## Hooks in action: implementing a 1KB React router
By Alexey Taktarov, Resume.io

Still confuse useRef and useState? Not sure what useImperativeHandle does? This talk is a nice step-by-step intro to React hooks and some advanced patterns around them. We're going to build a tiny router for React with API similar to React Router's one.

About Alexey https://twitter.com/mlfrg
Alexey is a full-stack developer with over 10 years of experience. His primary stack includes React, Node.js and Ruby on Rails. While he mainly works with backend/infrastructure as a head of engineering of resume.io (a project he cofounded in 2016), he's also super passionate about design and user interfaces. A true hackathon addict, Alexey believes that working on an open-source project is no different than working on a product and that good design is the main driving factor of a successful project.

## Modernizing a legacy codebase using microfrontends
by Deepak Pai, Booking.com

Modern web development has several advantages in terms of better user and developer experiences. However, bringing those advantages to a legacy codebase can be difficult. Having a server side rendered component service helps bridge the gap in an incremental fashion. This however brings with it a different set of challenges that needs to be addressed. In this talk we will explore the above approach of serving components via a service and navigating the various challenges that comes with it.

About Deepak
I am a frontend devloper at Booking.com. Ex Flipkart. Love tinkering with new technologies. Brazilian jiu jitsu enthusiast. In my free time I like to play video games and go for karaoke

## The Story of CodeSandbox
by Ives van Hoorne


About Ives https://twitter.com/CompuIves

Ives is an ambitious developer, passionate about new technology and its capabilities. He is inspired by fast-growing companies and hopes to become the lead of one in the future.

Ives is most comfortable with front-end technologies like React and Redux, but has also done a lot of work in back-end technologies like Rails. He's a big fan of functional programming.

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