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Hey folks, we haven't seen each other in a while! That's why the React Amsterdam community is coming back with an autumn Meetup event, and this time we'll have talks focusing on React Context API and Design Systems & Accessibility.

To celebrate the start of the conf season together, we're going to have beer and pizza, and as per usual, there are going to be some special announcements for our favorite React people. 😉

🎫 ** Registration via Eventbrite: ** 🎫 (but please do RSVP to show your friends you'll be there)

🕐 Event Schedule

18:00 – Doors open: snacks, drinks, networking
19:00 – Introduction
19:10 – 🗣 "React Context API as your next state engine" by Oleksandr Tryshchenko
19:40 – 🗣 "Design systems & Accessibility: let's create a good testing strategy " by Damien Senger
20:10 – 🗣 "Mistakes I made building React Async" by Gert Hengeveld
20:40 – Finishing beers and more networking

## React Context API as your next state engine
by Oleksandr Tryshchenko

There is a never-ending discussion about state management in React. Redux and MobX rule the game so far, but we've got an excellent alternative, which is really helpful for small applications. It's called Context API. It's built-in and provides a unique development experience for small and medium-sized applications. We had a chance of adoption of it in both: Greenfield and brownfield applications and can share what we've ended up with.

About Oleksandr (
A senior software engineer who's focused on JavaScript and works in Relay42. He's passionate about functional programming, cross-platform applications, and JavaScript performance. He's an active speaker at various meetups and conferences in Austria, Germany, Poland, Italy, and Ukraine.

## Design Systems & Accessibility: let's create a good testing strategy
by Damien Senger

Often, I can hear people saying that their design system will make their product accessible, that it will help them to enforce rules and to do more automated testing. But is it this simple? Will a design system make magically your product more accessible? Let’s see together the good things and the pain points of ensuring the accessibility of your product through a design system.

About Damien (
A queer Design systems & Accessibility lead working in the healthcare industry for Castor EDC. Speaker, teacher and passionate about too many things, fighting every day for a more inclusive web.

Through different projects, Damien is trying to make the Web a more inclusive and accessible place, while focusing on collaboration and mentoring. By the way, Damien's agender, so their pronouns are they/them.

## Mistakes I made building React Async
by Gert Hengeveld

Have you ever accidentally broken a stranger's code? That's what happens when you make a mistake on an open source project. Despite being careful not to push breaking changes under a patch release and having 100% unit test coverage, I still make mistakes. We're only human, after all. This talk highlights some of those mistakes and what I did to prevent them from happening again.

About Gert (

Gert is an engineer with Chroma, the company behind Storybook. He's been building web interfaces for over a decade and contributed to several open source projects over the years. His current project is React Async, which elegantly deals with promises in React.

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