React Summit 2020

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The biggest React conference returns with it's 5th edition on April 17, 2020!

We'll continue our tradition gathering the most notable community members and OS contributors in the heart of Europe to share knowledge about all things React, including Native, GraphQL, Testing, ReasonML, Design Systems and more!

The program for the upcoming conference is already in the works and you can rest assured we have big things planned for 2020 – workshops, networking, and tons of entertainment, but above all, great talks.

We're happy to share with you the first confirmed speakers:
- Kent C. Dodds
- Sara Viera
- Jason Lengstorf
- Ives van Hoorne
- Anna Doubkova
- Uri Goldshtein

Ticket sales start on October 17, 7:15pm:

In order to celebrate our 5th anniversary next year, we decided it's time for a change, or rather, an improvement. Our name needs to grow with us, and since React Amsterdam became the #1 offline platform for React developers, we want to serve the community better and more openly.

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Note: RSVP to this event does not grant you access to the conference, please refer to tickets page on the event website. But it's highly welcome to let meetup community you're going!

For questions and enquiries email us at [masked]