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We're super excited to kick-off the very first event of React Open Source Meetup. On November 1st, we launch a global meetup about all things related to React ecosystem, tooling around it and open source projects.

Together with various international speakers, and an awesome attendees crowd, we will gather to discuss latest developments, share tech insights and live stream every event online.

This edition, we'll be be hosted by HelloFresh (, check out their tech blog (!

# Event Schedule

18:00 - Doors open - snacks, beer, socialization
19:00 - Introduction
19:10 - "CSSinJS Unique Value Proposition and Future" by Oleg Slobodskoi
19:40 - "Jest Can Do Whaaat?" by Robin Pokorny
20:10 - "The Effect of React on Web Standards" by Karl Horky
20:40 - Beers and Talks

## CSSinJS Unique Value Proposition and Future

All you wanted to know about the reasoning behind CSS-in-JS, but been afraid to ask. Oleg went through a long journey, investigating the field, and building lot's of tools for styling applications via JavaScript, and gladly help navigating your way into this journey.

About Oleg @oleg008

I have been working on web UIs over a decade when I realized there are 2 major challenges in front-end engineering: understanding the state and styling its representation. While the first task has become much easier with unidirectional data flow, components styling is still painful. To change that I started a project called JSS back in 2014 and didn't stop learning and improving it since then.

## Jest Can Do Whaaat?

Jest is React’s best testing companion. It also brought several concepts to mainstream JavaScript testing: zero configuration, first-class mocking, and snapshots. With the rapid release of speed improvements, it’s easy to miss a new useful feature. I will present some lesser-known possibilities of recent Jest versions I’ve learned during experimenting, reading (and writing) the docs, and browsing the code.

About Robin @robinpokorny

Robin is a zealous JavaScript engineer at NewStore, creating a mobile retail platform in React. Enjoys writing functional JavaScript, explores Elm for inspiration. Organises several meetups, streams livecoding, and frequently speaks.

## The Effect of React on Web Standards

Since inception React has solved problems from first principles, choosing to create the best possible product instead of relying on what was possible with already existent technology. In order to achieve this, the React team has invented new languages and paradigms such as JSX, the React component model and unidirectional data flow.

This talk will review these inventions and the supporting changes proposed to web specifications.

About Karl @karlhorky

Karl Horky improves quality of life through the web. Based in Vienna, Austria, Karl freelances with tech such as React, GraphQL, functional programmingand build tooling. A healthy balance of purity and pragmatism keeps him focused and shipping high-quality products.

# Propose your talk

If you would like to speak at one of our next meetups, please send your talk proposals via this form (, both long talks (30 min) and lightning talks are welcome. If you're not sure about your skills of public speaking, don't be shy, throw in your content ideas and we'll make sure you will get all the training needed from our speakers committee.

# Contact

If you have any questions about the React Open Source community, or willing to support us as a company and sponsor next event - reach us at [masked]


Next to Meetup events, we also help other community members to organize global conferences, next up - React Day Berlin Conference, on December 2, 2017.