React Summer Party @ TekSystems

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Extended to 3 hours instead of 2 * Rooftop Networking * Four Lightning Talks * Food + beverages and more…..

Below is the schedule:

Outside Rooftop

6:00 - 9:00 PM - Networking (weather permitting)

Inside Conference Room

6:30 PM - "Effortless Accessibility: Why @reach/router won the Router war over react-router-dom in Gatsby” by Brett Haymaker

In this lightning talk, we will discuss the important differences between React Router & Reach Router and demonstrate why Reach Router's out-of-the-box accessibility features make a compelling case for more wide-spread adoption within the community.

Brett Haymaker is a UI Engineer @ Bank of America Merrill Lynch and an Instructor @ General Assembly in Chicago, IL


7:00 PM - "Typescript in React: Why & How?" by Saulius Skeirys

In this talk, we will discuss what value Typescript provides and what problems it solves in React projects. I’ll answer the biggest questions of what teams should be using and how you can start typing in React.

Saulius Skeirys is a Software Engineer at Northern Trust Corp.


7:30 PM - "How React Makes D3 Easier" by Travis Clark

Learning d3 can be daunting. It's magic black box method chains and foreign syntax make it a library that you don't casually pick up on a weekend. However, this 8-year-old library is still the go-to for most web-based data visualization. This talk will take you through my journey learning D3 in a React context, a journey that is leading me to the conclusion that D3 is easier to use with react than on it's own. I will present some use cases for the integration as well as some best practices and design patterns for others embarking on this quest.

Currently working as a UI Engineer with Caterpillar, Travis brings his former work as a designer to his work developing for the web, constructing compelling and intuitive interfaces that inspire and engage. Away from a computer, he is a primitive skills enthusiast and seasoned urban beekeeper.


8:00 PM - “Creating a Custom ESlint Plugin for your React App” by Kashyap Mukkamala

In this talk, we will look at the anatomy of an ESLint plugin and learn what it takes to create a simple plugin for enforcing our custom rules.

Kashyap Mukkamala is a JavaScript fan and has been for almost a decade now. He currently leads all JavaScript efforts at The OCC.