"Teaching React" by Joon Park & "GraphQL w/ Urql" by Jon Arme

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"Teaching React - Learning from the other side" by Joon Park

It seems like there's always someone out there wanting to learn React these days. Whether you personally are looking to teach someone, or you just want to be better with questions from teammates, we'll go over some ways to be a better React mentor. And if you are new to React, this talk should give you an idea of what's important and how to dive into the daunting world of frontend. Whether you're hoping to be a better technical mentor or just learning React, we'll put on our learning hats and look at React from fresh eyes.

Joon is a frontend software engineer at Grubhub, who loves working with React and its ecosystem of frontend technologies. He graduated with a dual bachelors degree in physics and music composition from Northwestern University. His previous work with the Northwestern University Knight Lab has been featured on Lifehacker and Hacker News. In his spare time he mentors a group of students at Northwestern in maintaining the university's course scheduling application, Serif.nu, and composes music for local ensembles.

"GraphQL w/ Urql" by Jon Arme

There are a number of options for GraphQL clients that work with React. Urql, a library created by Formidable Labs, is a lightweight option that is well architected, allows for extension, and is well-maintained. It has a smaller overall footprint than Apollo and is easy to get started with. This presentation will show how to get up and running with urql with examples based on our experience using it at Grubhub.

Jon Arme is an engineering team lead at Grubhub. He's been developing software professionally for over fifteen years and has been concentrating on frontends for the last five. He's a native Chicagoan, miserable Bears fan, and bourbon enthusiast.


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