React 16 & NPM : Create your own library


This is going to be a live coding session in which we’ll look at how we can create our own React library and publish it on NPM.

We'll try to keep it engaging for all of the attendees, where everyone takes part in an open discussion as to what exactly needs to be built (something that you or the community would like to use).

The entire session will have these 3 parts -
1) Discussion and intro - Finalising what needs to be built, how the component should be structured, understanding component driven architecture.
2) Implementation - Live coding part in which all of the attendees will be contributing to the project.
3) Making it live - Understanding the NPM CLI, semantic versioning, adding an open source license and publishing the project on NPM.

Please note that we'll be starting at 12PM sharp, so please reach on time.
Speaker - Anoop Gupta (through Google Hangout) & Arun M. (Hands on workshop).

Join Google Hangout: Link will be provided before the start of the meetup.

Prerequisites -
Please make sure to bring your laptop along with Node, NPM and Git installed. We also expect everyone to know at least the basics of JavaScript, ReactJS and Git.

We have a Slack workspace! Please join here -
We'd be happy to answer any questions that you might have.

Or reach us on our social channels -