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What we’re about

We are going to teach React & React Native for beginners!  This is a hands-on meetup and so far we're doing it for free!

Our Slack Channel :

We have previously hosted around 10 meetups in the iOS Development Meetup for Beginners , but we have decided to create this meetup focus more on React for both web and mobile!!

Why do this?

Why not? :) The objective is to foster an active community for React developers, teach ourselves react and have fun! We await you...., dojo students.

Dojo Sensei:

Ali : Front End Developer @Q.I.Leap

Paul: Full-Stack Developer @The Artona Group Inc, @Automated Photography E-commerce (APE) and @Codecore Instructor

We are looking for Places and Sponsors!!

We are trying to provide this meetup for free! Sometimes, we have trouble finding places to host our classes. If you are able to offer a space or any support, please contact the organizers!