React JS Intro Workshop - Part II (Redux)

Hosted by React & React Native - Israel

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Hello everyone,

to follow up on our previous workshop - this time we will talk more about Flux and Redux!

Flux is the general Architecture defined by Facebook for a new way to handle data in Frontend applications.

Redux by the far the most leading implementation of Flux - generaily hailed as the best of breed. (

The plan
18:00 - Meet & Greet
18:15 -19:30 - Intro to Flux and Redux (Actions, Reducers, Connection to React)
19:30-19:45 - Break
19:45-20:30 - ImmutableJS, Server communication

Basic understanding of ReactJS - We will dive directly into Redux

The meeting will be based on the Redux101 Workshop, and include live coding + Q&A session (with practical homework & examples).

Boris Dinkevich ( - Avid ReactJS developer and CEO of 500Tech (

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