ReactJS: Mad Max

React & React Native - Israel
React & React Native - Israel
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This meetup includes advanced topics. We only have 60 seats, so please be honest with your RSVP status :)


18:00 Meet & Greet

18:20 Reactive UI with Rx and React (Yshay Yaacobi)

19:00 Break

19:15 Higher-Order Components (Ilya Gelman)

20:00 Hacks for Boosting Your React Performance (Yotam Kadishay)

20:30 Goodbyes

Reactive UI with Rx and React

Yshay Yaacobi (, Soluto

Rx got bigger in the last few years, from being a cool .net tool it became a phenomenon with an active and vocal community that spawned ports and clones, and influenced specs in most popular programming languages today. In this talk we’ll walk through the core concepts that make it so special and powerful, the challenges it solves (pretty magically) and how can we use it to build better React applications.

Higher-Order Components

Ilya Gelman (, 500Tech

What they are, how they work and how they can replace regular class inheritance. Join to learn advanced React paradigms.

Hacks for Boosting Your React Performance

Yotam Kadishay (, AppsFlyer

Tips & tricks for improving your React application performance, based on AppsFlyer's real-world experience with writing an awesome dashboard.