ReactJS: Introductory Workshop


Join Ilya Gelman at Klarna TLV offices to learn ReactJS.

ReactJS is a thin library for building complex and robust UI's. Let's learn it.

NOTICE: This is a very beginner level workshop! We will talk only about ReactJS and won't cover Redux or other Flux implementations!

We will cover everything from the basics, so no prior knowledge in ReactJS is required (you have to know JS). This is not a hands-on session, but you should totally bring your laptop. Please ensure you have the latest node version installed and download the create-react-app ( and check that it works for you. We won't have time for setup problems at the workshop.

You will learn almost everything about ReactJS: component architecture, virtual DOM, state and props, context, component lifecycle, refs, smart, dumb, and pure components and debugging tools. Seems impossible in three hours? :-)

This workshop can be a great preparation for the first international ReactJS conference in Israel! It will be huge. International speakers, great venue, fantastic content and many surprises. Don't miss (link below)!

All workshop attendees will be able to purchase tickets on site with a 30% discount!

The number of seats is limited to 30, to request an attendance please fill this registration form ( and we'll be in touch about it.

ReactNext 2016 (

18:00 Gathering
18:30 Learn ReactJS!
21:15 Q&A
21:30 Goodbye!

For any questions please contact [masked] or send a private message through

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