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ReactJS and the Chamber of Secrets

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Boris D. and 4 others


Are you ready for another great ReactJS meetup? This time we are being hosted at the lovely offices of Kenshoo in Tel Aviv!

So what's on the menu?


19:00 Meet & Greet

19:15 React Storybook - Yael Balla

20:00 Break

20:15 A little taste of React Native's features and APIs- Vladimir Porton

21:00 Free ticket to Boost(JS) ( conference + 2 WebStorm licences raffles! Who will be the lucky winners?!

React Storybook

Yael Balla (, Kenshoo

React Storybook is a UI development environment for your React components. It runs outside your app, so you can develop UI components in isolation without worrying about app-specific dependencies and requirements. In this session, we will show you how to integrate React Storybook into your project and how to write stories that best describe your components. We will also present add-ons we found useful, and provide guidance on how to write your own add-on.

A little taste of React Native's features and APIs

Vladimir Porton (, 500Tech

This talk is for all of you who haven't had the time to, or were afraid to, play a bit with React Native, and see what it's about. We'll swiftly cover the most basic things, and dive deeper into the available APIs and features of RN by building a small application using some of the most popular libraries in RN's community. We'll cover a bit of navigation, location API, access to device's camera, using device's microphone for visual representation and 'hidden' possibilities of the WebView inside React Native.

The talk is suited for people with no experience in React Native. A bit of experience in React and JS required.

See you there!
HaBarzel 28 · Tel Aviv-Yafo
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