ReactJS and the Order of the Phoenix


Join us for yet another great ReactJS meetup, with great talks by industry experts and some fun community mingling, hosted at MyHertiage HQ!

So what's on the menu?

Planned Agenda:

18:30 – Meet & Greet, Burgers & Beer ( yes, we have Vegan Friendly option too)!

19:00 – Truly Reusable React Components - Noam Elboim, MyHeritage

19:45 – Short break

20:00 – React and WebVR- Shay Keinan (, 500Tech

20:45 - Raffle - A free ticket to ReactNext ( conference!

21:00 - Go home happy!

Truly Reusable React Components - Noam Elboim (, MyHeritage

How many times did you create a new component just to find out later someone already did the exact same? How many times did you find out that a "generic" component you wanted to use is actually tightly-coupled to the environment it was developed upon? Do you want to truly create reusable component?
In the talk we will discuss ways and tools (Storybook and even better ones) to create great and reusable React components.

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