Apollo Client: the stuff no-one ever told ya !


We are super lucky to host one of React Amsterdam top speakers - Alexey Kureev , coming to speak at our meetup as a part of an international meetup tour!

18:30 - Meet and mingle
19:00 - How to Write Bad Code in Redux - Adam Klein, 500Tech
19:40 - Break
20:00 - Apollo Client: the stuff no-one ever told ya - Alexey Kureev
20:40 - Raffle! we are giving away tickets to React Amsterdam and ReactNext!

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About the talks:
Title: How to write bad code in Redux - Adam Klein, CTO @ 500Tech
Description: "Redux forces you to write good code" - I've heard that sentence many times. In fact - it's quite easy to write bad code with Redux, as I've seen many times.In this talk I will talk about best practices and techniques with Redux, and do some live refactoring.
About the speaker: Adam is a web developer by day, open sourcerer by night (angular-tree-component, mobx-angular).
Adam is one of Israel's leading community activists, an international speaker, and one of the organizers of AngularUP conference.
He used to be an international salsa dancer and choreographer, but still finds speaking about code more exciting than dancing in front of an audience.

Title: "Apollo Client: the stuff no-one ever told ya"
Description: "Apollo Client is a community-driven GraphQL library that has production-ready bindings for the most popular frameworks including React and React Native. It brings a flexible, easy-to-understand API to orchestrate queries, mutations, subscriptions, caching and much, much more. In this talk we will learn how Apollo works under the hood and take a sneak pick on some advanced topics as of optimistic UI, custom links, and manual cache manipulations.”
About the speaker: Alexey is aSoftware engineer passionate about React, React Native and their ecosystem. Co-author of RNPM. Author of "How to create your own native bridge" articles.

See you there!