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React-IL Meetup @ Samanage!

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Hi All!

React & React Native Israel is coming to Natanya!

Here's what's on the menu:

18:30 Meet & Mingle
19:00 Web Games with React - Alex Nudelman, Samanage
19:40 Break
20:00 Let's write better Redux containers! - Hadas Farhi
20:40 Raffle! Free JetBrains license, aaaand.... a FREE TICKET FOR REACTNEXT 2019!

Web Games with React - Alex Nudelman

We will learn how to split into multiple react components in order to control the rendering. How to animate web elements depended on user controls. Web performance and memory management.

Let's write better Redux containers! - Hadas Farhi

Containers are one of the fundamental building blocks in our React and Redux architecture. Therefore, when we write them badly, our web app pays the price with insufficient performance.

In this talk, we will discuss common causes of performance issues which we encounter while writing our Redux containers –
We will understand why they happen, how exactly they are hurting our performance and how to use the tools which are given to us by Redux and its complementary libraries for fixing these issues.

By the end of this talk, I hope you will have a stronger understanding of how react-redux containers work and of the less familiar parts of the react-redux's API.

These tools will help you write better containers and therefore better React and Redux web apps.

The address is 5 Hamelacha Street, Netanya, Ha'ogen building, 5th Floor. For your convenience, the directions are as follows:

(1) By train, get off at the train station "Sapir" near Nitsba shopping center and cross the road to the Hamelacha Street.

(2) By car, drive to the address, and parking is available at Nitsba shopping center across the street or at the IKEA parking lot ( a little farther away).

See you there!