React-IL Meetup @ PerimeterX! - React with Style!


Join us for another great meetup!
This time we are being hosted at PerimeterX HQ!

18:30 Meet & Mingle
19:00 react { css-in-js: overflow } - Nick Ribal (English)
19:40 Break
20:00 World of Flexbox, Elad Shechter
20:40 Raffle: Free ticket to DevDays Europe 2019 in Vilnius!! And 2 free Webstorm License!
21:00 Go home happy!

About the talks and speakers:

react { css-in-js: overflow }, Nick Ribal (This talk will be in English)

While JS and HTML have progressed incredibly in recent years, CSS is the last bastion of old-school web development which we all love to hate. CSS-in-JS is the latest attempt at solving this hard problem. CSS-in-JS brings styling into the modern component based era. Moreover, it revolutionizes how we compose, maintain, share and optimize styling across the modern web, native apps and collaborate with designers and product people. I will present an overview of the history, evolution, challenges, current solutions and benefits of CSS-in-JS in the world of React!

About Nick Ribal:
OSS, Linux, Web, front-end is what I ❤️ and do for a living as consultant & developer. Me and my family are digital nomads traveling the world! 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦🛫🌏

World of Flexbox

CSS Flexbox are around 6 years, but only in the last few years they got standardize.
this presentation getting deep in all the parts of flexbox! welcome to the "World of Flexbox"!

- Properties types
- How It Works
- Understanding Flex Axis
- Ordering flex items
- The Power of auto value in Flexbox

About Elad Shechter:
CSS/HTML Architect, Tech Lead CSS/HTML at, Founder of CSS Masters Israel Community, Writer of various globally known CSS articles and a CSS speaker.

See you there!