• React Super Girls - *free event*


    ****THIS IS A FREE EVENT - SEE REGISTRATION FORM BELOW**** ***Join international trainer Nir Kaufman for an exclusive advanced React development training session.*** Due to the massive success of React Ladies workshop held on Nir's previous visit to Israel, we've decided to hold an exclusive spontaneous session for *ladies only* where we're gonna talk about React best practices, techniques, and modern patterns. We will spend the morning together at 500Tech offices, working on the topics that are most relevant to you. Come prepared with your daily challenges and questions. Basic Requirements: - Hands-on Experience with React API & common practices. - Laptop with local React development environment To request a seat please fill out this form: https://forms.gle/Ew6a4uvyx1VFntSAA SEAT ARE LIMITED! PLEASE LET US KNOW IF YOU CAN'T MAKE IT! for any questions or cancellations please contact [masked]

  • [MasterClass] React Hooks - A Deep Dive

    Autodesk TLV

    Master React hooks API - From the inside-out. We will start by building a small UI library from scratch, that implements a familiar API for building components and hooks (A tiny-tiny React clone :). We will use vanilla JavaScript, no dependencies. Once we have done with this, we will explore React hooks in depth by a series of practical examples. By the end of this session, you will know everything about Hooks from the inside-out. What to Expect: - Live coding - A lot of Q&A - Having a good time Nir Kaufman Principal Frontend Consultant @ 500Tech Google Developer Expert in web technologies, public speaker and trainer, tech community activist ( ReactNYC ). Author of books about Front-end development, and the founder of the 'Frontend Band' - The first open-source rock n’ roll label in the world! Principal consultant at 500Tech, a front-end consultancy in NYC.

  • React-IL Meetup @ Duda!

    Duda Mobile TLV

    Join us for a meetup at the awesome Duda HQ! Agenda: 18:30 Meet and Mingle 19:00 useBuzz - An Out-of-This-World Experiment- Liad Yosef, Duda 19:20 - Faster, safer releases for JS native apps - Elad Bezalel & Elad Aviv , Soluto 20:00 Break 20:15 Mobile @Scale With ReactNative - Lev Vidrak, Wix ****** useBuzz - An Out-of-This-World Experiment- Liad Yosef, Duda React brings a lot of capabilities to the table with its hooks and context syntax. We will see an interesting use case where a combination of those capabilities with other cutting-edge technologies can upgrade our experience. ****** Faster, safer releases for JS native apps - Elad Bezalel & Elad Aviv , Soluto Releasing our mobile app or adding new features to it, was frustrating. Someone would make a change and the build would break, or worse–we’d get rejected from the app store. This meant we weren’t independent, and we don’t like being dependent on others, especially app stores... This resulted in a degraded quality of our app and sucked the fun out of developing it 😞 We tried Improving our CI/CD process, but that didn’t solve the issue, and it would never solve the app store review part of the process. So we knew we’d have to “science the 💩out of this problem”, so we developed a solution that we’ve been using in production for over a year, and now we open sourced it. This solution allows teams to deliver their experiences while: Not going through the app store review process ✔ Your code lives in a separate code base than the main app, which gives you full ownership of it (development, testing, CI/CD, etc.), while making sure it doesn’t break the app for other teams ✔ If you’re working on JS based native apps (React Native, NativeScript, Vue Native, Ionic, Electron, etc..), we think this can help you, but mainly we’d love to hear your thoughts on this solution called Dynamico! ***** Mobile @Scale With ReactNative - Lev Vidrak, Wix At Wix.com we are building our mobile app with React Native from the first commit, we started working with React Native three years ago and today we are one of the biggest projects written with React-Native. We are 90 mobile developers, Scaling a production-grade application without compromising on performance and dev velocity, drove us to think more like an OS to allow each team easily integrates their module into the main Wix’s React Native mobile app. In this talk, we will start from the basic concept of React-Native, not forgetting the bottlenecks of the current architecture and the latest architectural improvements of ReactNative. Following that, we will understand how ReactNative framework fits with multi-module architecture in mobile. Following that, I will demonstrate the full mobile development process at Wix, starting from developer's push, through building process, testing and releasing the app to the stores. See you there!

  • React-IL Special Meetup with ReactNext Speakers and More!

    Join us and the guest speakers from the React Next line up at Duda's awesome TLV HQ for an epic React meetup! Agenda: 18:30 Meet & Mingle 19:00 Liran Tal -Stranger Danger: Finding Security Vulnerabilities Before They Find You! 19:20 Vladimir Novick - Building Data-Driven AR experiences powered by GraphQL 19:40 Break 20:00 Dustin Schau - Cultivating an Open Source Garden 20:20 Break 20:30 Mark Erikson - Redux Starter Kit: Redux, Simplified 20:50 Quiz for a chance to win a React next ticket 21:00 Go home happy! Don't have your ticket yet? go to react-next.com **** About the talks and speakers: Liran Tal -Stranger Danger: Finding Security Vulnerabilities Before They Find You! Open source modules on the NPM ecosystem are undoubtedly awesome. However, they also represent an undeniable and massive risk. You’re introducing someone else’s code into your system, often with little or no scrutiny. The wrong package can introduce severe vulnerabilities into your application, exposing your application and your user's data. This talk will use a sample application, Goof, which uses various vulnerable dependencies, which we will exploit as an attacker would. For each issue, we'll explain why it happened, show its impact, and – most importantly – see how to avoid or fix it. Liran Tal is a Developer Advocate at Snyk and a member of the Node.js Security working group. He is a JSHeroes ambassador, passionate about building communities and the open source movement and greatly enjoys pizza, wine, web technologies, and CLIs. Liran is also the author of Essential Node.js Security, a core contributor to OWASP NodeGoat project and loves to dabble about code, testing, and software philosophy. *Mark Erikson - Redux Starter Kit: Redux, Simplified While Redux is widely used, many people express concerns about using it due to "boilerplate". To help solve those issues, the Redux team has created a new package called Redux Starter Kit. Join Redux maintainer Mark Erikson as we look at how Redux Starter Kit can drastically simplify your Redux code, including: - One-line store setup, with best practices built-in - "Mutable" immutable updates in your reducers - Automatic generation of action creators and reducers Mark is a software engineer living in southwest Ohio, USA. He's a fan of his hometown teams, the Reds and the Bengals, but knows each season just ends in disappointment. Mark is a Redux maintainer, author of the Redux FAQ, maintains the React/Redux Links list and Redux Addons Catalog, tweets at @acemarke, and blogs at blog.isquaredsoftware.com. He can be usually found in the Reactiflux chat channels, answering questions about React and Redux. Mark is also disturbed at the number of third-person references he has written in this bio. *Dustin Schau - Cultivating an Open Source Garden Growing and maintaining an open-source community can be likened to cultivating a garden. Open source maintainers are the gardeners that plant the seeds, tend to the soil, and cultivate the ideal conditions for a thriving community to sprout up and thrive. In this talk, I detail pragmatic techniques that we use at Gatsby to grow and cultivate a thriving, inclusive open-source community that people love to contribute towards. Dustin is from the middle of America: Omaha, Nebraska. He’s happy to report that it’s not _only_ cows and cornfields. He works for an awesome startup GatsbyJS: an excellent, blazing-fast app generator for React. You can find him regularly working on all things open source and all things JavaScript. *Vladimir Novick (@VladimirNovick) - Building data-driven AR experiences powered by GraphQL In this talk we will see how GraphQL can power React Native AR apps to focus on presenting or manipulating digital data in the real world making our apps more immersive and engaging for end users Developer advocate at hasura.io, Google Developer Expert, consultant, worldwide speaker, published author, host of the 3factorRadio podcast and OSS contributor.

  • Modern React Recipes - MasterClass with Nir Kaufman

    Modern React Recipes - MasterClass Are you making the most out of React? Are you familiar with everything it has to offer? Do you know how to use API's to solve real-world problems? What about popular patterns and techniques? During this session, we will dive into React core API’s, patterns and techniques This is your chance to get a complete walkthrough over React, ask questions, and get practical knowledge that can be applied to your project right away. Agenda: 18:30 Meet & Mingle 19:00 Masterclass starts ??:?? Masterclass ends and we raffle a free ticket to React Next 2019!!! About Nir Kaufman, Principal consultant at 500Tech: Google Developer Expert in web technologies, public speaker and trainer, tech community activist ( ReactNYC ). Author of books about Front-end development, and the founder of the ‘’Frontend Band” - The first open-source rock n’ roll label in the world! See you there!

  • React Ladies - Full-day free workshop for women!

    React Ladies - Full-day free workshop for women Want to get your hands on the most popular JavaScript UI library our there? Join us for a full-day, hands-on comprehensive introduction course to React. We will cover both the core concepts and real-world patterns that will give you a solid understanding and practical practice to become a React developer. About the trainer: Nir Kaufman is a Google Developer Expert in web technologies, public speaker and trainer, tech community activist ( ReactNYC ). Author of books about Front-end development, and the founder of the ‘’Frontend Band” - The first open-source rock n’ roll label in the world! Principal consultant at 500Tech, a front-end consultancy in NYC. The workshop will take place on June 2nd at AppsFlyer HQ at Maskit St 14, Hertsliya from 9:00 to 16:30 To apply for a seat at the workshop please fill the following form https://forms.gle/TNF7eAmrUB22Mmx18 The seats are limited ( only 25 seats ), filling this form doesn't automatically save you a spot. A confirmation email will be sent to you by May 28th

  • React-IL Meetup @ PerimeterX! - React with Style!

    PerimeterX, Inc.

    Join us for another great meetup! This time we are being hosted at PerimeterX HQ! Agenda: 18:30 Meet & Mingle 19:00 react { css-in-js: overflow } - Nick Ribal (English) 19:40 Break 20:00 World of Flexbox, Elad Shechter 20:40 Raffle: Free ticket to DevDays Europe 2019 in Vilnius!! And 2 free Webstorm License! 21:00 Go home happy! About the talks and speakers: ** react { css-in-js: overflow }, Nick Ribal (This talk will be in English) While JS and HTML have progressed incredibly in recent years, CSS is the last bastion of old-school web development which we all love to hate. CSS-in-JS is the latest attempt at solving this hard problem. CSS-in-JS brings styling into the modern component based era. Moreover, it revolutionizes how we compose, maintain, share and optimize styling across the modern web, native apps and collaborate with designers and product people. I will present an overview of the history, evolution, challenges, current solutions and benefits of CSS-in-JS in the world of React! About Nick Ribal: OSS, Linux, Web, front-end is what I ❤️ and do for a living as consultant & developer. Me and my family are digital nomads traveling the world! 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦🛫🌏 ** World of Flexbox CSS Flexbox are around 6 years, but only in the last few years they got standardize. this presentation getting deep in all the parts of flexbox! welcome to the "World of Flexbox"! - Properties types - How It Works - Understanding Flex Axis - Ordering flex items - The Power of auto value in Flexbox About Elad Shechter: CSS/HTML Architect, Tech Lead CSS/HTML at Investing.com, Founder of CSS Masters Israel Community, Writer of various globally known CSS articles and a CSS speaker. See you there!

  • מפגש קהילה ספונטני על הגג של סולוטו - צפיה בנחיתת בראשית בלייב!

    איפה אתם תהיו כשישראל תהפוך להיות המעצמה הרביעית שמנחיתה חללית על הירח??? על הגג של סולוטו בשדרות רוטשילד, צופים בהקרנה על מסך ענק עם פיצה ביד אחת ובירה ביד שנייה. לינק להרשמה לאירוע: https://www.events.solutotlv.com/events/beresheet-is-landing-on-the-moon-viewing-party לינק לאירוע בפייסוש https://www.facebook.com/events/1037377493113582/ נתראה שם!

  • MobX Panel with MobX creator Michel Weststrate!

    Come join us and ask everything you always wanted to know about MobX in a special panel featuring MobX creator himself - Michel Weststrate, alongside top industry experts from our local community! Topics: MobX vs. Redux MobX in large-scale apps Architectural decisions Pitfalls & Tips MobX State Tree And more Panelists: Michel Weststrate - Author of MobX, MST, and Immer. Benjamin Gruenbaum - Author and contributor to open source (Bluebird, MobX, NodeJS). Building cool things @ testim.io Bnaya Peretz - Mobx collaborator and early adopter Fullstack Tech lead @ BrandTotal Host: Adam Klein from 500Tech, MobX user and author of mobx-angular Schedule: 18:30 - Gathering, Pizza & Beer 19:00 - Panel members intro 19:15 - MobX source code, live coding with Michel Weststrate 19:30 - Q&A session with sli.do 20:20 - Mingling and open discussion circles 20:50 - MobX quiz. Winner gets a ticket to ReactNext!! 21:00 - Go home