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React Israel Meetup #15: It's the components, stupid!

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This is a special one, with React StoryBook and an entirely new way to share and reuse components!

React Storybook is a development environment for React UI components. It allows you to browse a component library, view the different states of each component, and interactively develop and test components. Vladimir Novick, Web Architect & Consultant at CodeValue, will do a hands on demonstration of React StoryBook, diving deep in to work process, writing stories for a demo app, adding test coverage and live documentation.

React components are the building blocks of our React applications. However, to truly bring forth the age of code components, we need an infrastructure that makes them simple to maintain, easy to find and reuse from any React application. Bit is a distributed virtual component repository designed for easy use, maintenance and discovery of code components. Ran Mizrahi, the author of Bit and Founder of Cocycles and formerly head of the development of the ( App market, will demonstrate Bit and talk about why it was built: to turn code components into the reusable Lego bricks we want them to be. Ran will also demonstrate how to create and maintain a scalable collection of React components in a single place using Bit, while still being able to find, modify and reuse each component individually from any React application without the overhead of publishing a whole package for each component.


18:00 – 18:30 Meet & Greet

18:30 – 19:15 Enhance your development workflow with the power of Storybook (Vladimir Novick)

19:15 – 19:30 Break

19:30 – 20:15 Managing reusable React components with Bit (Ran Mizrahi)

Looking forward to see you all there,

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