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A group of passionate web front-end engineers looking to share thoughts and learn about new technology, best practices, UX design, and of course React.js


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CHANGE: Bumped the time up to 6:30. Seemed to run a little late last time. Please let me know ASAP if this is too early. Call for talks!!! Current speakers and topics include: - Chris Cavey (Visionist) - So You Want To Try React : A Confession - Gregory Friedman (Visionist) - React Hooks - Present and Future - Dillon Mulroy (Visionist) - Get Lazy with React Code Splitting - Kedwin Hernandez - TBD - TBD! - TBD! We're passionate at Visionist about React, but we'd love to hear what everyone else has to say about React. After the last meetups it seemed obvious that multiple short talks is the sweet spot. We're looking for shorter talks - 10 to 20 minutes. Try to keep the content React related/adjacent. Not opposed to longer talks, but there will be more work involved. As always, Visionist will provide the location and the pizza - you bring laptops and excitement about React. We listened and we're moving the meetup to a better time. Later seemed much better for everyone involved.

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