• AUGUST - React & React Native MTL Monthly Meetup @ Shopify

    Join us for an amazing evening of fun and meet fellow Montrealer React & React Native geeks! As always, expect delicious food and refreshing drinks! **Schedule:** • 18:00 - Food, drinks and socializing 🍕 • 18:30 - Welcome, community announcements, sponsor speeches 📰 • 18:45 - The heart has its reason(ML) by Amélie Benoit • 19:15 - Let’s finish the food and socialize some more! • 20:00 - Parting words **Talk description:** ReasonML is not a new language; it’s a new syntax powered by OCaml, and that is Javascript developer’s friendly. Going from JavaScript to ReasonML does not seem like an easy way to go; but building a React application with ReasonML becomes more and more accessible. I will explain the basic principles of ReasonML, demystify it through a live coding and present the benefits as well as the difficulties we encountered while using it. There are several libraries out there that attempt to simplify this process, from Redux Form, to React Form, to Formik, among others. In this talk, we’ll go over the existing solutions, how they stack up against each other, and what their limitations are. **Meetup:** We thank our sponsor Shopify (https://www.shopify.ca/) for hosting us, and providing the food and drinks! We're always looking for speakers for our meetups! All experience levels are welcome. Contact us at [masked] or send us a message on meetup.com