Using Storybook to Build a Better... Game Engine?


Storybook is a tool that makes it easier to build, test, and document UI components in isolation. That's already fantastic but let me tell you a secret: did you know that Storybook is framework-agnostic and can be used for other graphically-rich libraries like... a game engine?

Kamran Ayub will show you how he set up Storybook to showcase and test features in our open source game engine. This not only improved the development experience by isolating visual tests, it made our users lives better with richer documentation they could learn from. Best of all, he'll be sharing how to get the same fundamental benefits for your own apps and libraries!


6:30 - Food and mingling
7:00 - Talk
8:00 - Socializing and networking

Location and parking

We'll be at Object Partners Inc in Northeast Minneapolis at usual. There's parking out front and around the side of the building.