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You've asked for it, so here it is - our Autumn React Native Meetup. The demand for React Native is growing, together with production running code and open source ecosystem, and we're excited to talk a part in this thrilling community.

Event will be live streamed on YouTube and recorded as all of our talks are. This would not be achievable without our partners and supporters: Evolution Gaming ( and Lifely ( If your company also interesting in getting exposure in local tech community, please email us - [masked].

# Event Schedule

18:00 - Doors open - snacks, beer, socialization
19:00 - Introduction
19:10 - "Making sense of ReactNative Navigator" by Léon Smit
19:40 - "Shared Element Transition with React Native" by Narendra N Shetty
20:10 - Open pitch scene: show your project (send email to [masked] to participate)
20:30 - Beers and Talks

## Making sense of ReactNative Navigator

A talk about several cross platform navigation strategies in react native projects, using React Navigator and @andreleon's

About Léon

Léon Smit is lead mobile developer at software agency Lifely. With years of development experience in various (web)app frameworks (Titanium, Cordova, Angular, Meteor, React, ReactNative) Léon has seen his fair share of user interfaces and is always on the lookout for the best user experience.

## Shared Element Transition with React Native

I will be talking about how to achieve Shared Element Transition with React Native for both iOS and Android.

Will explain the advantages of having a smooth continuous experience. And since React Native doesn’t support true shared elements, I will explain how we can achieve this with a clever trick of smoke and mirror.

About Narenda @narendra_shetty

Narendra is a Frontend Developer at He is been working with React & React Native for over a year now. He cares about performance and believes that performance is a key for conversion.

# Propose your talk

More talking slots for this and next event are also available, so please send your talk proposals via this form (, both long (30 min) and lightning talks are welcome. If you're not sure about your skills of public speaking, don't be shy, throw in your content ideas and we'll make sure you will get all the training needed from our speakers committee.

# Sponsorship

If you're company is betting on React Native, and looking to onboard new developers with a good expertise and genuine interest in the topic - reach us ([masked]) to speak about partnership and sponsorship opportunities.

We will help exposing your brand within our community of React & React Native developers, and make your positions stand-out on the market. Find more details about our packages in the official booklet (

# Contact

If you have any questions about the React Amsterdam community (meetups & conferences) - reach us at [masked].

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