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After a long period React Native Amsterdam is back!

This time we have @Titozzz (Thibault Malbranche), a React Native core-contributor and open-source maintainer and @_2d_lima (Ronaldo Lima), a Senior Engineer and open-source enthusiast.
The speakers are going to show us how we can take a React website to native and how we can take a React Native app to web and desktop.

🍕 This event is sponsored by GitNation (, an open source oriented foundation running tech events including, amongst others, React Amsterdam and JSNation, and Chargetrip (, a company that makes cool electric vehicle navigation APIs and applications.

🕐 Event Schedule

18:00 – Doors open: pizzas, drinks and networking
19:00 – Introduction
19:10 – 🗣 "Communicating between React and React Native using WebView" by @Titozzz (Thibault Malbranche)
19:40 – ⌛ 10 minutes break between sessions
19:50 – 🗣 "How to make React Native work in the browser and desktop with react-native-web" by @_2d_lima (Ronaldo Lima)
20:20 – Finishing drinks and more networking

Communicating between React and React Native using WebView
By @Titozzz (Thibault Malbranche),

Let's create a simple app to demonstrate the ability to quickly create hybrid react/react-native applications. We will see how to seamlessly integrate the webview with react-navigation, and communicate data using the webview bridge.

About @Titozzz (Thibault Malbranche)
Thibault is a 24 year old React Native developer living in Paris. He's a React Native Core Contributor working on the lean core effort (maintaining react-native-website), because he loves open-source!

How to make React Native work in the browser and desktop with react-native-web
By @_2d_lima (Ronaldo Lima),

We will discover how easy and fun can be to share code between multiple platforms applications, in this talk we will cover how to make React Native work on mobile (using Expo, but not required), web (using Next.js & react-native-web) and on desktop (using Electron).

About @_2d_lima (Ronaldo Lima)
Ronaldo is a Senior Engineer at TomTom and open-source enthusiast, he likes to work and write about state-of-the-art technologies. Coding is Ronaldo's hobby and work where he aims to find simple solutions in complex problems.

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