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React Open Source is a global meetup and community about all things related to the Ecosystem behind React(.js) and React Native. Based in Berlin, but open to international speakers and attendees (yes, we will live stream every event).

In collaboration with other local React groups, we focus on building a truly community driven events, without being attached to specific companies or commercial limitations.

Join us to learn more insights about the React Ecosystem, including Native, GraphQL/Relay, Jest, Flow, ReasonML, CSS-in-JS, Webpack, and other technologies from the common stack.


If you're an event organizer, or React enthusiast willing to collaborate, please reach us by mail, we're open to any kind of partnership - hi@reactday.berlin.

To propose a talk, or a venue, please fill in the corresponding forms, and we will reach you!

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Compiling GraphQL and Advanced Styled Components

Wayfair DE Office

❄️ Winter in Berlin can be awesome if you spend it with the right crowd. React Open Source community is here with the next edition of ROS meetup, and this time, we're going to talk about fast GraphQL compiling and more. We're super grateful to Wayfair (https://tech.wayfair.com) for hosting us in their office and also to Evolution Gaming (https://www.evolutiongaming.com/) for supporting the local React scene. To participate in interesting discussions and keep in touch with fellow attendees and speakers, join our Slack workspace: http://bit.ly/rdb-slack-2018 # Event Schedule 18:30 – Doors open: snacks, drinks, networking 19:00 – Introduction 19:10 – 🗣 “Compiling GraphQL to be Blazing™ Fast” by Rui Araujo 19:40 – 🗣 “Advanced Styled Components Toolkit” by Mims Wright 20:10 – ⚡️ Lightning talks (submit your proposal! https://goo.gl/forms/ikH86P9dWFMwNzWY2) 20:40 – Finishing beers and more networking — ## Compiling GraphQL to be Blazing™ Fast by Rui Araujo Zalando is the largest fashion platform in Europe, and low latency is a must have. Open Source GraphQL engines do not perform compile-time optimizations on queries. We have built a compiler for GraphQL that turns a query into JS which with 6x the performance of the runtime implementation. About Rui (https://twitter.com/raraujoc) Rui is beard fluid software engineer that enjoys making code dance mainly with Latin rhythms. Previously very focused on mobile and frontend, he has been going down the stack slowly but surely. ## Advanced Styled Components Toolkit As the world scrambles to cope with CSS in a post-Webpack world many of us have moved to some form of CSS-in-JS to pair styles with our components. Styled-Components 💅 offers a flexible mix of classic CSS syntax and functional JS power. In this talk will review the basics of Styled Components and explore some of the lesser-known features of the library, intended and otherwise. About Mims (https://twitter.com/mimshwright) Mims is a freelance software developer and product manager who can't seem to help himself from obsessing over CSS. ## Lightning talks Have you discovered a new project, fall in love with a technique, or avoided a pitfall. Share it with us! This is a quick, hassle-free, and fun way to do it. Sign up for a lightning talk here https://goo.gl/forms/ikH86P9dWFMwNzWY2 or speak to us before the event for a last-minute entry. The talks are capped at 5 minutes. — By registering to this event you agree to comply with our Code of Conduct http://confcodeofconduct.com # Contact If you have any questions about the React Open Source community, or willing to support us as a company and sponsor the next event – reach us at [masked] # Social Check out last events talk recordings https://www.youtube.com/ReactDayBerlin Follow updates on twitter https://twitter.com/reactdayberlin

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