The GraphQL Ecosystem and How to Open Source Knowledge through Presentations

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We're happy to get back from winter holidays with a new meetup event, to save you from React loneliness in Berlin and bring good content on stage. Since last editions, we got a lot of support, and should have enough venue options for few more events now, only thing missing - is your talk proposals! Submit your talk and we promise to keep the event going monthly -

Of course we don't return empty handed, and already have 2 awesome talks confirmed (plus one lightning slot vacant), so can't wait to meet you again on March 8.

Thanks to Babbel ( for providing (yet again) their support to local React community, and hosting us at their new office.

# Event Schedule

18:30 - Doors open - snacks, drinks, socialization
19:00 - Introduction
19:10 - "The GraphQL Ecosystem in 2018" by Nikolas Burk
19:40 - "Open Sourcing your Knowledge" by Hernán Magrini
20:10 - Short break
20:20 - "Building a Platform Agnostic App With React" by Or Yoffe
20:40 - Finishing beers and networking

## "The GraphQL Ecosystem in 2018" by Nikolas Burk

GraphQL has grown out of its baby shoes and is becoming the new standard for client-server communication. When it was introduced 2 years ago, there merely was any tooling that would help developers using it except for Facebook's reference implementation in JavaScript as well as corresponding middleware for Express so you could embed it in your web server. By now, the situation has changed drastically and a plethora of tools, libraries and services have entered the GraphQL ecosystem, providing great improvements to workflows and overall developer experience. In this talk, Nikolas will give an overview of the most relevant tools that exist in the GraphQL ecosystem today, ensuring you can make the best choices when starting your own GraphQL journey.

About Nikolas (

Nikolas is a polyglot developer and GraphQL enthusiast. He worked as an instructor at Make School in San Francisco before he joined Graphcool in January where he's now responsible for all educational content around GraphQL.

## "Open Sourcing your Knowledge" by Hernán Magrini

There are plenty of ways to contribute to Open Source, and not all of them involve coding! Community is one of the pillars that support Open Source projects, and a great way to help is by sharing your knowledge through tech talks. Let’s take a look at what makes a good presentation on this meta talk about public speaking!

About Hernán (

Hernán is a Software Engineer at Udacity, working for over a year driving most of the development for the European branch, mainly focused in usability and performance, as well as shipping new features here and there. Originally from Argentina, he co-founded and led the local Google Developers Group over 6 years ago, where he organized and spoke at several conferences in the country.

## Building a Platform Agnostic App With React

Building a platform agnostic frontend app with react for ios, web, android and other platforms is very much in our reach. Performance wise and in UI specific features as well. A web Frontend developer is not limited to develop for the browser in our time. Building frontend apps for other platforms is not only possible but might bring you many advantages in your development process and might even give you a better focus towards your business logic.

About Or

Software Developer at VISI/ONE in Berlin, working for over 4 years in frontend. I come originally from Tel-Aviv, Israel. I worked in companies in three countries and saw some cool stuff being done with js in the backend, TV’s, desktop and more.

# Contact

If you have any questions about the React Open Source community, or willing to support us as a company and sponsor next event - reach us at [masked]