Autumn 2019. RxJs with React Native and Kafka with GraphQL.

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Hi Folks!

And here we go again!

Our schedule for this time:

18.00: Dinner (halal and vegetarian options should be available)

19.00: Using rxjs with React Native - Pavlos Vinieratos (@pvinis)

You can use rxjs to replace redux/mobx/whatever else. Let rxjs manage your local state and anything else. This allows the UI and the logic(rxjs) to be tested separately. This talk will be showing off some simple components and some screen components that we can control with rxjs. Mostly a demo talk.

19.45: Expose your Kafka with GraphQL - Gerard Klijs (@gklijs)

I will demo an application which uses GraphQL to let the frontend interact with the backend. The backend part will produce to and consume from Kafka, using subscriptions to pass events to the frontend as soon as they are read. The frontend is build with re-frame, which is a ClojureScript framework based on React.

20.30: Beers!

About our speakers:

Pavlos Vinieratos writes code as a hobby and as a job. He enjoys making things that work, work well, work easy, mostly in that order. He is involved with React Native, doing PRs and managing the rn-diff-purge repo. Also he is a fan of the rx way!

Gerard has been a Java developer for over 7 years, most of the time related to Web Development. About 3 years ago he started using Clojure(script) for passion projects. One of them, open-bank-mark, has grown a bit out of hand. It's several services using event sourcing, Kafka, GraphQL, to simulate a bank.

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