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Welcome to the first React Zagreb Meetup!

In the past few years, React has become a must in the world of tech and it definitely deserves its own meetup in Croatia. With the series of meetups dedicated to React and React related technology, we hope to bring together the community, to get to know each other, connect, and of course hang out, to share knowledge, experiences, good and better practices.

We prepared two great talks for the first meetup.



Flow or Type - how to React to that?
- Domagoj Cerjan & Krešimir Antolić, Oradian

Making stuff in React is nice.

But do you know what is nicer? Making stuff in React while being safe that a "cannot read property of undefined" doesn't mess up your carefully crafted interface.
Join Domagoj and Krešo in a side by side dialogue how to use either Flow or TypeScript to make your development flow a bit more robust.

Maintainable Integration Testing
- Matija Marohnić, GIS Cloud

It's not uncommon that frontend testing often falls into the background (*cough* deadlines *cough*). The motivation can be diminished for various reasons, in my experience that's mostly because they are fragile and tend to break after refactoring, even when the feature still works. False negatives cause people to lose trust in their test suite.

How do we change that?

We should start prioritizing integration over unit testing. This used to be very slow and error-prone, but React and jsdom are offering a much faster environment.

Let's hang out!

Food and drinks powered by GIS Cloud.

See you there!

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