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Functional Programming Basics and React Microstates!

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1) Microstates: The React of State Management


When was the last time you had fun working with state?

For many, the answer is probably never, because state management in JavaScript is an endless game of compromises. You can choose to go fully immutable and write endless reducers. You can go mutable and everything becomes an observable. Or you can just go with vanilla setState and lose the benefits of serialization and time travel debugging.

Unlike the view layer, where most frameworks agree on some variation of React's concept of components, none of the current crop of state management tools strike the same balance that React components introduced to the API.

React components have a tiny API. They are functional, simple and extremely reusable. The tiny API gives you high productivity for little necessary knowledge. Functional components are predictable and easy to reason about. They are conceptually simple, but simplicity hides an underlying architecture geared for performance. Their simplicity, predictability and isolation makes them composable and reusable.

These factors combined are what make React style components easy to work with and ultimately fun to write. So why doesn’t a similar, tiny API abstracting a sophisticated architecture exist for state management? Why shouldn’t working with state be as easy and intuitive as working with React? We’ll be talking about this very reasonable question, and the vision for what the “react of state management” would look like.


Charles strives to make software that is a delight to use, and a pleasure to maintain. An avid contributor to open source, he founded the Frontside in 2005 to help businesses build the applications on which they base their future . Also, he really, really, really, really likes to code. Really.

2) Functional Programming Basics - Ryan Bas
Pure Functions (what are they, how do we use them)
Composition (focus on function composition)
Currying & Partial Application (how we use it, and use it in composition)
Point Free (small part as an extension of partial application)
Functor basics? ( right / left identity and associativity, and show common functors in javascript)
About Ryan-
"I've been working at Paypal for the last year on the Consumer Web Organization focusing on the Wallet and Global expansion. (React / Redux / Typescript/ Node ) Previously at a small startup in Florida in the solar energy space (Durandal / Typescript ) stack."