June Meetup, Production React Redux Architecture, Patterns, and Infrastructure

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Production React Redux Architecture, Patterns, and Infrastructure Components

The journey from your first demo blog reader application to a real production app in the React ecosystem is a long journey with so many choices. Analysis paralysis can easily cause massive delays in getting your project started. Even worse, you can jump in and start coding to find yourself months later painted into a corner because of some the stack's unforgiving anti-patterns.

In this talk, Ryan Vice of Vice Software (https://www.vicesoftware.com) will talk through an opinionated approach to developing production React\Redux applications. We will take a look well beyond the basics and look at a battle tested boilerplate that provides a great starting point for projects while demonstrating many best practices and react\redux patterns along the way.

Topics Covered Include
- How to reduce boilerplate
- How to handle forms
- How much state should we put in redux
- Why are we using redux anyway?
- How should we make async calls
- Leveraging redux for easy client side caching
- Busy indicator management
- How do you handle authentication and authorization
- How do we idiomatically handle show\hide patterns for modals, panels, etc... in redux
- How should we stabilize our app with Automated Tests

Ryan Vice is co-founder and CEO of Vice Software and has 18 of years experience shipping software, dedicating the last four of those years to learning the React ecosystem. He has acted in an architecture role over the years to help many clients develop projects of all sizes. In his role as CEO, Ryan is very hands-on, helping to create architecture patterns and best practices that maximize velocity and ROI. He has been awarded Microsoft’s MVP award three times, has authored 2 books (one on React), and has frequently talked at conferences and developer events for over 10 years. Ryan graduated from the University of Houston with a B.A. in Computer Science and a minor in Math and now lives in Austin, TX, with his family.