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ReactJS is a javascript library for building user interfaces. It is incredibly powerful and easy to learn. It is one of the best libraries to build modern web applications.
We organize meetups and workshops regularly to share knowledge and experiences about react ecosystem.

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react meetup #61

Demandwork Software (OSlash)


  • Improving web performance with Islands Architecture by Dani Akash, Engineering Manager at OSlash

  • Building a Loom like chrome extension with React by Aakash Sharma, Software Engineer @Rigi

  • Real Time Events Using Server-Sent Events by Hervinder Singh, MTS-3 & VMware

  • Next JS 13 - What’s New by Nabil Nalakath, Sr. Associate Software Engineer

  • Integrate Algolia Search in your ever scaling docs by Anshul Sahni, Lead UI Engineer at Razorpay

  • Create micro-frontends with React, Next and Somod by Raghavendra K R, Founder CEO @ Sodaru Technologies

Venue Sponsor: OSlash

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react meetup #62

Needs a location


  • Build production ready web apps in record time with - Nextjs 13, React query and Supabase by Bhargav

  • node_modules - The problem by Santosh Selvasundar, Software Engineer @ Rubrik


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react meetup #60


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