Modern web development: The Component is King

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Bonus Meetup! Swizec is in town doing React/Redux training and wanted to do a talk.

JavaScript seems to have a new framework du jour every year. jQuery,Backbone, Angular, React, Vue...What's next? That's anybody's guess. The community is fickle. But here's something I can say for certain: The Component is King and it's here to stay.

As a famous person once said on Twitter: "I don't know what React is going to look like in the future, or if it's going to be React at all, but it's definitely going to use components."

True interchangeable components are the future. The biggest innovation in frontend development since jQuery burst on the scene 11 years ago. Whether that's web components, or Vue components or React, that's up to you.

As long as you're componentizing your code, you'll do just fine. In this talk I'm going to show you why you should use components, how they change your approach to code, and how it makes your team better and faster.

Speaker Bio: Hi I'm Swizec, a geek with a hat, React instructor and author of books and courses on web development. I've been doing JavaScript since before jQuery was cool and building my first *real* component way back in 2015 blew my mind.

This meetup is brought to you in collaboration with Real World React, an SF-based consultancy that organizes meetups and events, including Reactathon. They also provide expert training for engineers seeking to quickly learn the extended React ecosystem including Redux, React Native, Webpack, RxJS, and more. To learn more about their events or training, contact Benjamin Dunphy at [masked]