CLI to Reduce Repetition, Painless testing for React applications

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ReactJS Boston
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# Team productivity++ with conventions and CLIs - Chris Ball, Echobind, @cball_

How many times have you created a component file manually in a React project? It’s a lot of repetitive busy work. Perhaps your team uses a feature-based folder structure, so you need to create a folder, index, and style file. More work. Don’t forget to add a test!

We’ll look at how to reduce this repetitive work by leveraging a CLI to generate files in a predictable, yet customizable way. Watch your team’s productivity skyrocket by embracing a cornerstone of developer happiness — automation.

# Painless testing for React applications - Gleb Bahmutov, @bahmutov

Testing is hard. End to end testing is really hard. But maybe it is hard because our tools are not up to task. What if we could redesign the testing experience from the ground up to be fast, useful and effective?

Let me show you how to quickly test a React application using - an open source modern test runner that replaces Selenium. Don't believe the hype - come see Cypress demo for yourself, and I guarantee you will start writing tests.


Public transportation is recommended: Orange line to Back Bay or Green line to Copley. There are also limited parking options ( The Wayfair office is located at 4 Copley Place, above the Copley Place Mall ( (across the bridge from the Prudential Mall).

You will see escalators and a sign for "ELEVATORS" in the center of the Copley Place mall (elevators and escalators are both across from the Barneys New York). After 7pm you may only be able to use the elevators.

Proceed up to the Sky Lobby and check in with security. Please bring a photo ID. Look for friendly Wayfairians near the elevators and escalators to guide you to the meeting space. Once in the sky lobby, take the elevator to the third floor where the meetup will be.

Wayfair will be sponsoring pizza and drinks!