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Guided Tour of Hooks, Visual UI Testing

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6:30 Pizza, Socializing
7:00 Talks!

# A Guided Tour of React Hooks
Dave Ceddia - Tiny Wins

Hooks offer a simple, concise way to write stateful React components without classes.

In this talk you'll learn about the "magic" behind how Hooks work and get to see a few examples of them in action. We'll cover the big four: useState, useEffect, useReducer, and useContext, plus how to write your very own custom hooks.

You may never want to write a class again.

# Visual UI Testing: Testing the Last Mile
Craig Cavalier - ezCater

Some things can't be easily tested with unit tests and integration tests, and so far too frequently we rely on manual QA to verify visual changes to our applications. With a proliferation of device sizes and browser versions, spot checking changes in the browser is not possible at scale. In this talk, Craig Cavalier explores how visual ui testing can close the testing gap and restore confidence in our ability to make UI changes that work cross-browser.

4 Copley Pl 7th Floor · Boston, MA
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