• ReactJS Dublin 11 - Hooks, Suspense & Testing

    HubSpot, Two Dockland Central

    Our next ReactJS Dublin event is coming up on Jan 29th 2019. Talks will be starting slightly earlier, at 6:30pm, with doors at 5:30pm. We'll be opening up RSVPs on Tuesday the 22nd at 10am. Talks: • Will React Hooks & Suspense help us build apps better? - Dario Cravero Let’s explore if upcoming React features like Hooks and Suspense can significantly improve the way we build applications. • Testing with react-testing-library - John Brennan Let's learn how following good testing practices can help you deal with a complex codebase and requirements, with practical examples using react-testing-library. If you'd be interested in giving a talk at ReactJS Dublin, send us a message on Meetup.com!

  • ReactJS Dublin 10 - Lightning Talks ⚡️

    HubSpot, Two Dockland Central

    Our last Lightning Talk session was one of our most enjoyed, so we're doing it again! These ten speakers will be giving five-minute talks on all areas React, and the surrounding ecosystem: * Carlos Parreno - React & Flow * Eibhlín McGeady - Gatsby * Darío Cravero - Upcoming React changes * Diana Falkowska - redux-observable * Carl Hand - Redux & Typescript * Giacomo Rebonato - React portals * Sara Stamenov - redux-form * Harsh Vardhan - Reason React * Phil Quinn - Redux Saga * Adam Kelly - New Context API We're hosting this event on the 25th of July rather than the 10th, to make room for a certain sporting event. It seemed like the right thing to do. Also, note that we've moved locations - but only by a few meters! ReactJS Dublin will now be hosted next door, in the brand new HubSpot Conference Space, where we have room for around triple our usual attendance.

  • ReactJS Dublin 9: Writing good components + GraphQL with React Apollo

    Join us on Tuesday, May 29th for another evening of great talks, conversation and food/drink. As usual, the HubSpot office will be open to attendees from 6pm, with food and drinks being served at 6:30pm and talks scheduled to start at 7pm. Speaking of which... Esdras Portillo will be talking about what goes in to making a "Good" component, discussing the characteristics and benefits of reliable, composable and reusable components. Stephen McElhinney will be giving us an introduction to using GraphQL in React with react-apollo, a library based on the ApolloClient framework.

  • ReactJS Dublin 8: Testing and SVGs


    Hi-diddly-ho, Reactor-ee-nos (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BuFu74JRHXo)! It's that time again - after a nice long relaxing holiday season, ReactJS Dublin is ready to go! The HubSpot Office will be open to attendees at 6pm, we'll have some food from 6:30pm, and talks begin at 7pm. Lamberto Fichera (https://www.linkedin.com/in/lamberto-fichera/) will be talking about testing in the React ecosystem, from unit tests to integration tests. Elizabet Oliveira (https://github.com/miukimiu) will teach us how to create and transform SVG illustrations into components that can be easily customizable and reused in different parts of a product. One quick announcement: we have introduced a Code of Conduct to ReactJS Dublin (https://www.meetup.com/ReactJS-Dublin/pages/25349848/ReactJS_Dublin_Code_of_Conduct/). By attending any ReactJS Dublin event, you are agreeing to follow the rules of this Code of Conduct. If you have any questions or suggestions regarding it, please send us a message on Meetup.com and an organiser will get back to you.

  • ReactJS Dublin 7 - Metro Bundler & RxJS


    TICKETS ALLOCATED VIA EVENTBRITE - CLICK HERE (https://www.eventbrite.com/e/reactjs-dublin-7-metro-bundler-rxjs-tickets-37993148530) For our seventh meetup, we’re hosting the event at the home of React itself - Facebook. This will be a once off event, allowing us to experience the Facebook office and giving us extra room for what should be an excellent night! Due to Facebook office’s tight security, we’ll need the full names of all attendees and hence need to organize the event through eventbrite. Please click here (https://www.eventbrite.com/e/reactjs-dublin-7-metro-bundler-rxjs-tickets-37993148530) to sign up for a free ticket. First up, Facebook’s Miguel Jimenez Esún (@mjesun (https://twitter.com/mjesun)) will be talking how to scale JavaScript build systems for React Native with Metro Bundler (https://github.com/facebook/metro-bundler). Metro Bundler is fast, can work with thousands of modules and can be integrated with every React Native project out of the box. Next, HubSpot’s Paddy Corr (@paddycorr (https://twitter.com/paddycorr)) will be talking Reactive Programming with RxJS (https://github.com/Reactive-Extensions/RxJS/blob/master/readme.md). Simply put, RxJS = Observables + Operators + Schedulers. It’s becoming increasingly popular and is a great tool to add to your belt. Finally, we’ll host a AMA panel where the speakers and other experts can field any questions you have. Schedule 6pm · Registration, food, drink, and networking 6.45 · Intro 7.00 · Metro Bundler for React Native (Miguel Jimenez Esún) 7:30 · Reactive Programming with RxJS (Paddy Corr) 8.00 · Panel Q&A

  • ReactJSDublin 6 - GraphQL & Inline Styles

    It's almost time for the next ReactJSDublin meetup! We've got two super-interesting talks for you: Brian Mullan will be telling us about GraphQL and Richey Ryan will be mounting a defense of Inline Styles in React. Those of you who came to our last event will remember that it was a Lightning Talks event. The feedback was fantastic and we'll definitely do it again. In the meantime though, we'd love to have some lightning talks scattered around our usual events, so if you are interested in giving a 5 minute talk about anything in the React ecosystem, get in touch with us. Finally, ReactJSDublin regular Claudio Procida passed on this tweet from Dan Abramov (https://twitter.com/dan_abramov/status/871406752016863232) (who is behind Redux and is a core member of the React team) looking for feedback on what you think is missing from React. Schedule 6pm → 7pm: Registration, Food & Drink 7pm: Talks begin Looking forward to seeing you there Cian PS: Here's the video of our Lightning Talk meetup (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ic08YluonNU)

  • Meetup #5 - React Lightning Talks ⚡️


    For our fifth meetup we're hosting a Lightning Talks night ⚡️ Essentially, all 9 talks will be 5 minutes long and packed with info. We're a great schedule of events planned, covering various aspects of React and its ecosystem: Eibhlín McGeady ⚡️Building a react app with create-react-app John Maguire ⚡️Building a small React app Richey Ryan ⚡️Eslint and basic static analysis Esdras Portillo ⚡️Redux and Firebase Sara Stamenov ⚡️Immutable JS Eugene Kulabuhov ⚡️Building with React native Alan Mac Kenna ⚡️Building newslinn with React native Maja Grubic ⚡️D3 with React Claudio Procida ⚡️Fiber Schedule 6pm → 7 · Registration, Food & Drink 7.00 · Intro 7.05 · First 5 talks 7.30 · Small break 7.40 · Last 4 talks 8.05 · Finish Really looking forward to the night and to seeing everyone there!

  • Meetup #4 - React Perf + Component Explorers

    It's time for meetup number four! For this meetup, we're focusing more on the technical side of things. Firstly we'll be taking a look at all things performance-related in React. What are some common performance pitfalls when writing apps with React? How do you go about tracking them down? What tools can you use to make this process easier? And what can be done to speed up these hot code paths once you've found them? Gus Vargas will be taking us on a tour through the wonderful world of React performance. To follow that up, we have Ben Anderson and Julie Nergararian talking about the work their HubSpot team has done to implement the Component Library, as well as how they've built a Component Explorer app to aid in discoverability and documentation for all those in-house components. Schedule: 18:00 - Registration, food, drink and networking 19:00 - Intro 19:05 - Performance in React - Profiling, debugging and optimization Gus Vargas (HubSpot) 19:30 - Small break 19:40 - Building a Component Explorer Julie Nergararian & Ben Anderson (HubSpot)

  • Meetup #3 - Migrating to React


    Our third meetup promises to be a cracker. Many of us may have played with and built sample applications with React. What happens next though? How should you introduce it to your team and company? What are the common pitfalls? How can it scale? What are benefits of moving? We hope to answer these questions and more at our meetup dedicated to Migrating to React. To top off the night, we'll host a panel Q&A session where you can ask the experts questions on the topic! Schedule: 18:00 - Registration, food, drink and networking 19:00 - Intro 19:05 - Introducing React into your Organisation - Lessons Learned Neil Buckley (HMH) 19:30 - Small break 19:40 - Building a React App that's Embedded Inside Thousands of Apps Eoin Hennessy (Intercom) 20:05 - Panel Q&A 20:30 - Mingle & Chat

  • Meetup #2 - Redux, TypeScript and DX


    Time for our second meetup! This time we're going to take a look at some more advanced topics and explore some of the offerings of the React ecosystem. Agenda 18:00 -> 19:00 - Registration, food and drinks, and chat with other attendees 19:00 -> 19:25 - React + Redux + TypeScript === ♥ (Remo Jansen (https://twitter.com/OweR_ReLoaDeD)) An introduction to the development of universal JavaScript applications with React, Redux & TypeScript. 19:25 -> 19:30 - Short break 19:30 -> 19:55 - Hacking DX with React (Dario Javier Cravero (https://twitter.com/dariocravero)) Learn how we're using React as a platform to collaborate between designers and developers and deliver better apps. 19:55 -> * - Mingle and chit-chat