React.JS Girls Berlin - January!

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Thanks to YLD for organizing and Blacklane for hosting and providing the food & drinks.


1) Monica Lent (@monicalent) - Frontend Lead @SumUp

* Building resilient frontend architecture *

Change is inevitable. So is legacy. And too often, we as developers (who love to solve problems by coding) fall into the trap of believing the only way to fix it is by rewriting everything again and again. But how can we design an application architecture that is more resilient to change in the first place? In this talk we’ll look at specific techniques you can use today to keep your app from turning into that infamous ball of mud.

2) Sara Vieira(@NikkitaFTW) - Developer Advocate at @YLD

* Build dumb sh*t *

We tend to see our jobs and our work as developers as the pursuit to help the world and build useful things for other people because that's what we are thought.
When we learn something we make to-do lists, we make useful things. In this talk I am gonna try and show you the value of making dumb things, making useless things.

Yes, I am speaking at my own meetup. 🤷🏻‍♀️

Also a suprise MC!
It's actually Carolyn!

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YLD is one of London’s fastest growing software engineering consultancies building exciting products and platforms in React / Node for Trainline, Vogue, The Economists and many more.
The team is committed the open source community aiming to create a long-standing engineering culture and delivery capability in each piece of work.

YLD is looking for React / Node / Devops engineers to join the team:

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