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The groups focus is ReactJS, Flux, best practices and why ReactJS brings sanity to the chaos of frontend architecture!

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React in N-dimensions

Lindholmspiren 2

Welcome to the first React JS Meetup of 2019 - React in N-dimensions! Annotell will kindly host us at their offices in Lindholmen. With Fillip Reesalu introducing us to their React/D3 application, Jack Oliver giving a very long awaited talk on storybook and Stephen introducing and evangelising Hooks with some live refactoring from my Cadec presentation (https://callistaenterprise.se/blogg/presentationer/cadec/2019/01/30/react/). Man are we desperate for Hooks! maybe React Native would have caught up by the time of the Meetup... Agenda: 18.00 - doors 18.30 - Introduction and Hooks - Stephen 19.00 - Attempting to architect for N-dimensions - Fillip Reesalu Filip Reesalu from Annotell will talk about trying to create an image/video/point cloud editing tool used by hundreds of people for 8 hours every day. Mixing D3 and ThreeJS together with React, Redux and Typescript while still maintaining a smooth dev experience can be hard and we will discuss a few key pain points. 19.45 - mingle 20.00 - The Joy of Storybook - Jack Oliver 20.30 - mingle 21.00 - end

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DSL's, Hooks and The Great Gatsby


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