GraphQL, MobX and a sprinkle of Functional Programming

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It looks like 2017 is going to be as exciting as 2016.

I'm really excited to kick off with a selection of talks from old and new.

From Angular to React and MOBX - Marcus Lönnberg

First up Marcus will talk about his experience of moving from Angular to React with MobX. This will be super interesting for any of you Redux users as MobX seems to be its main contender. Also, for any Angular crazies who are itching to make the move to the light side.

GraphQL - Fredrik Skånberg

Then Fredrik will bring us back to the beauty that is GraphQL! If your not already converted then I strongly recommend listening in especially if your experiencing versioning hell and specialist rest endpoint creep... One endpoint to rule them All!!

Functional Programming … The Sequel - Jean-Louis Giordano

And then back by popular demand, the fantastical Jean-Louise will continue where he left off and bring us Functional Programming the Sequel!!

God Jul och Gott Nytt År!