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Building an open source platform for React developers at Veritone

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Speaker: Steve Shaffer - Apps Engineering Manager at Veritone

Over the past year, Veritone's apps team has converted to an all-React (and associated technologies) approach to our application development initiatives. This includes 10 web apps, 1 mobile app, an open source monorepo (, and many npm packages. In this talk, we'll walk through many of the challenges and lessons learned converting from Angular to React, converting from REST to GraphQL, open sourcing our app components, stepping into mobile development with React-Native, and more than doubling our team's size in the process. You should attend if you...

* Want to learn some broad perspectives on these technologies
* Want to learn how to create a successful React-centered engineer culture
* Want to hear about how to build A.I. solutions with ease with Veritone's aiWARE platform

Food and drinks provided!
575 Anton, Suite 100 · Costa Mesa, ca
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