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GraphQL, Serverless architecture and React Suspense
Hello Reactors! Are you ready for the September event? Let’s do it. But first…. Thank you Sopra Steria for hosting the meetup and offering food and drinks! Let's introduce our speakers: 1. “GraphQL and Serverless in production” by Jan Tore Stølsvik At we wanted to use GraphQL and we wanted to be serverless. We started with a more traditional backend with NodeJS, express and MongoDB. Since then we have gone over to lambda, MongoDB, sqs and we are looking at AppSync and DynamoDB. Lambda, sqs, AppSync and DynamoDB are all managed AWS services, which means that you do not need to worry about managing, patching or scaling the infrastructure, operating system or server. Just set up once and it will automatically scale to an infinite amount of users. About the speakers: Jan Tore Stølsvik works at Sopra Steria as a consultant. He runs the frontend community there and is very passionate about React and everything around it, including GraphQL. He is currently working as a full-stack developer at the Norwegian tax administration. He also works at, which provides an easy way for anyone to book space for their advertisement. runs 100% on AWS and strives to be serverless. 2. “React Suspense“ by Cody Olsen React Suspense introduces the ability to "suspend" render, opening up new ways to handle async flows. But can't we do that already and what's the big deal with delaying render until it's ready anyway? This talk digs into why it does matter, and how it'll make your life easier and apps better. About the speaker: Cody is a developer who's been active in JS Open Source since the MooTools days. Cody contributes to projects like Jest, Yarn, and others that help build awesome things. He currently works at 24eStore on a new e-commerce platform on React and GraphQL. We will open at 17.30 and our talks will start at 18:00! Please only RSVP “YES” if you're actually coming. Thank you to all of you in this amazing community! This is such a great and positive community and I am so proud to be part of! Looking forward to see you there!

Sopra Steria

Biskop Gunnerus' gate 14A · Oslo

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